Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Right Way

I designed and made this special quilt for my youngest child when she turned 8 years old. I wanted her to know that there's a "Right Way" to live and be happy and that way is by following the example of Jesus Christ.

I made the quilt bright and happy to represent how when we make right choices in life we're happy and when we go against our conscience we're not happy. I know this to be a true principle and when we follow the Savior's example we can't go wrong. He will lead us in "The Right Way".

I've included a copy of the quilt label that I put on the back of her quilt. I hope you don't mind the personal nature of the label but I was moved upon to express and document my thoughts, my feelings, and my beliefs to my youngest daughter, McKenna.


Lily Boot said...

this is such a pretty quilt - what a lovely design! And you're right about the colours - they could only inspire happiness and joy. What a blessed girl!

Jeanne said...

This is another wonderful quilt! I love the idea behind it, also. Thank you for sharing.

Mel said...

This is a beautiful idea for your daughter! How creative!

And thanks for placing a button for my Cottage Warming Party on your blog!

bingo~bonnie said...

Oh,Oh,Oh!!! What a beautiful way to display the CTR message! My bestest girlfriend is LDS and so she has shared what CTR means with me. I have cut and pasted a link to this post in an emial to her :) she HAS to see this!!! :)