Monday, June 30, 2008

Do I Have to Share?

I know that the favorite part of SHOPPING is the SHARING but, Do I really HAVE to? I could get into trouble for this! LOL! Actually, my husband has always been very supportive of my creativity and I'm so grateful for that! It sure wouldn't be any fun if he weren't. I thank him often and sometimes remind him that he's vicariously blessing the lives of many, many, many people!!

It is terrible though, when you put it all out there on the table to take pictures and experience a bit of buyer's regret. Some one asked me "How did you keep within your budget after having gone to so many quilt shops?" Well. . . I can tell you that I DIDN'T!!! I spent my entire budget on the first day in the first few quilt shops we went to!! I couldn't believe it! I found so much fabric, too many fun patterns, and a few books that I wanted to buy. Luckily, I've been planning this for a year and I've been working my 8 hour a week job since Sept 2007 so I had a pretty big stash saved up just for this BIG EVENT. So, that helped with the budget side of it!

Here's the big picture of most of everything I bought over the four days of Shop Hop! Enjoy!

I'm really happy with my purchases and I know I'll use it. I even have a head start on my plans for Christmas so in the next few weeks I'll get going on that. I'm most happy about the 3 quilt backs that I was able to save 20% on so that gave me incentive to go ahead a buy it now!

I'm using this fabric and these patterns to make Christmas Aprons for my family this year. I'm kinda hoping they won't read this blog post and that it'll go right over their heads.

Another very CUTE Apron Pattern and some Fabric I'm going to use to make it. All of the employees at Pine Needles were wearing this Apron.

What'dya know? Another apron pattern and fabric to go with it! I guess I couldn't decide on which apron I liked the most? That's how I get in trouble. I just love ALL of it!!!

Hey! It's a purse pattern. . . isn't it cute? Of course, that's why I HAD to BUY it!!

I did actually buy the fabric for another apron before I bought the pattern for the purse but when I put the two together they matched, don't ya think? Maybe, I have enough fabric to make both the purse and the apron!

It's Snowing and It's going to be Christmas before I know it! I've already started to make the table runner out of this fabric for my table come December! It's going to be really cute. I post it on this blog as I get it further along and then when it's done.

Some of the books & patterns I bought.
I bought the Quilt Sampler because it was $3.00

I started this quilt earlier this year and I'll be lucky if I get the top done before July 4th which is this coming friday. I feel like I live in denial as each of the holidays keep sneaking up on me.

And Halloween is right behind coming up quickly! I think I have my holidays backwards. Maybe I should be doing my patriotic quilt first, then Halloween, and then Christmas. Oh well, it all gets done in time even if it's next year in 2009.

Here is the collection of shirtings I found to add to my collection. I was running short with all of the projects I have that require shirtings and this time I made sure to buy 1/2 a yard of each one them. Oh my!! That's 16 yards, it doesn't seem like we could possibly use all of it but somehow I will. I'm working on Omigosh & Dear Jane & a few other Civil War quilts so I know it will all get used.I also bought some fat quarters of civil war prints to add to that collection.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shop Hop Day Three & Four

Day Three: Friday, June 27th
Day Four: Saturday, June 28th

Broadbent's in Lehi is the only shop we visited three times in four days. We went on Day One, Day Three, and Day Four and I bought something on each of those days!!! I couldn't resist the 20% off all the fabric in the store. I bought a lot of quilt backs, shirtings and fabric for Christmas aprons. It's probably one of my most favorite shops. Their quilt area has grown over the years and is now right up there with some of the best quilt shops around. They have an extra advantage of being one of the oldest retail stores in the area.

Their store is over 125 years old and their customer base is very loyal. There aren't many in the area that don't know where Broadbent's is located and most people could probably give you directions. Every year the Lehi Parade passes by their door. How fun is that? If you like a shop with history and charm Broadbent's is a place for you. Check it out the next time you're in Utah. They even have chickens out back!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shop Hop Day Two

Day Two: Thursday, June 27th

Today we headed South and went as far as Payson. We were all pretty tired from our 11 hour marathon the day before but we still managed to go to 10 shops. We only hit two shops on the "SHOP HOP" and the rest were on the "SCENIC BYWAY." I'm sad to say we didn't make it past Salt Lake but, I look forward to hearing about anyone else's trip. All in all we went to 21 quilt shops, four restaurants for lunch and dinner, and four gas stations for drinks, snacks and refills on ice and water.

Here are some more pictures of Day Two.

We started out at the Quilting Cottage in American Fork, Utah
This is one of the two closest quilt shops in our immediate area.

This is a picture of one of the areas in Quilting Cottage.

This is a picture of Me, Rae Ann, Susann, and Diana standing in the main fabric area
of American Quilting located in Orem, Utah. It's one of my personal favorite quilt shops and Amy (the owner) has been teaching a wonderful block of the month mystery quilt for 4 years now and we are starting the 5th year with an Americana themed Block of the Month. She designs the quilt and gives a portion of the quilt each month for a year. It's a lot of fun and has been very popular over the years. She told me the other day she's up to 300 people and has a waiting list. I'm not suprised. She's very talented and has some wonderful designs. I've also had the opportunity of teaching a few quilting classes for Amy over the years.

After American Quilting we went to Fabric Mill and JoAnn's both located in Orem, Utah but, I didn't take pictures of these two places, sorry! Then we headed over to Stitching Corner.

This is the inside of Stitching Corner in Orem, Utah

Quilt Theme: Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

This is a little shop in Provo, Utah. I know I'd never been there and had never heard of it but, we stopped anyway to have a look see and it was cute and worth the effort. They didn't have a lot of fabric like Quilts Etc. but they had a few things that the ladies bought and lots of cute decorations for your home or sewing room.

Here's a picture of their fabric room.

This is a picture of one of the rooms at the Corn Wagon located in Springville, Utah
This is one of my favorite shops but it's a bit out of the way for me, especially with the current cost of gas, so I don't get there as often as I would like to.

Corn Wagon Quilt Theme: Red Riding Hood

Corn Wagon had two different Red Riding Hood Quilts that were so beautiful. Marsha (the owner) was dressed up as the Grandmother.

This shop is located in downtown Spanish Fork, Utah. This was the first time I'd been to Cherry Tree Quilts. It was a cute shop but again, too far, to make it worth going too.
This is the inside of Cherry Tree Quilts.

Creekside Needlearts located in downtown Payson, Utah. This is a charming but small shop. The owner has recently retired and sold her inventory so the shop will be closing soon. SAD! This is the second trip out there for me.
This is the inside of the shop at Creekside. We did go across the street to Mortenson's Frame Shop where they also have a fair amount of fabric. The owner's wife quilts, teaches classes and does machine quilting out of their shop.

I hope you enjoyed the pictorial version of the Wasatch Front Quilt Shop Hop this year. I'm putting together the goodies for our mystery drawing and will take a picture of it for next week. I will also be taking pictures of my purchases for all to see. I didn't think about that until "Infinity Quilter" said, "So where are the pictures of all the things you bought?" I guess I should do that because that's part of the fun, isn't it?! I'll do that sometime today and get the pictures loaded up maybe later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for all the fun comments and it's been fun visiting your blog sites. You are all an inspiration!!! Quilt On with Joy!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shop Hop Day One

Day One: Wednesday, June 25th

Well, we had a blast. . .Fabric, Food, and Fun. . .it doesn't get much better than this for a quilter! Of course, going to Market would be my dream!!! For me, it would be like going to Disney World! I'd have to run from ride to ride until my feet fell off and than get up early and do it the next day! That would be so FUN. I love being around creativity and seeing all of the beautiful things that people create!!! It's a real charge for me! I'm sure you can tell from all of the exclamation points. I guess it's kinda like watching Mary Murphy on "So You Think You Can Dance." If you know what I mean, LOL!

Drum Roll. . . Please!

So here are some pictures from Day ONE of the Quilt Shop Hop! ENJOY!

Thimbles & Threads located in Draper, Utah

Thimbles & Thread's Quilt Theme: "There's No Place Like Home" from Wizard of Oz

Quilts, Quilt, Quilt, ETC. located in Sandy, Utah

Quilt's Etc. Quilt Theme: Cinderella's Ball Gowns

Another Quilt I loved at Quilts Etc. designed by Lori Holt

Mormon Handicraft located in Deseret Book Store in Midvale, Utah

Their Quilt Theme: Jack and the Beanstalk

Elaine's Quilt Block located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Elaine's Quilt Theme: Thumbelina "It's Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After"

Some of the other Thumbelina Quilts they had on display

Whimsy Cottage located in Holladay, Utah ( I didn't take a picture of the store front because it's really a dive compared to their last location in Heber City.
Quilt Theme: The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Piper's located in Historic Sugarhouse, Utah

Piper's Quilt Theme: Hansel and Gretel (beautifully appliqued)

Other fun quilts in the store along with crocheted hats that are just darling!

More fun quilts at Piper's
(Ski quilt designed by Jeanette and Gardening Quilt designed by Lori Holt)

Pine Needles located in Historic Gardner Village in Midvale, Utah

Pine Needle's Quilt Theme: Princess and the Pea
They had a baby quilt (in crib) and a wall quilt (on wall)

View of the inside of Pine Needles (One of my favorite shops)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shop Hop Give Away!!!

Friends taking a lunch break during the Quilt Shop Hop 2006
(L to R) Janet, Kim, Rae Ann, Diana, Rita

There are less than 3 days before the 2008 Wasatch Front Quilt Shop Hop begins. We have a group of five ready to depart at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday morning. This is a yearly event that we've done together for several years now. Over the years we've spent lots of money, bought lots of fabric and had lots of laughter and created some wonderful memories not to mention we've made some great quilts.

This years theme is "Once Upon A Time" and this is the first year that each of the 15 quilt shops is handing out a free pattern for an entire quilt. That means if you go to all 15 shops you'll have 15 free patterns to make 15 quilts. I'm excited to see what each quilt shop has come up with this year. In the past years each shop made a block that was part of one quilt. Then each shop would take the blocks from everyone and make their own creation. It was fun to see how each shop used the 15 blocks and made their own creation!

I'll take pictures along the way and try to post them as I go. Remember to check back toward the end of the week.

SHOP HOP GIVE AWAY: I've wanted to do something fun to generate traffic on my blog so I thought this would be a great way to do it. While I'm out quilt shop hopping this week I'll be looking for something fun that a quilter might just HAVE to HAVE! Right now it's a MYSTERY (even to me) but, I'll find something useful that you might enjoy! If you want to be part of the Shop Hop Give Away make sure to leave a comment on this post and on the next few shop hop posts I'll be making later this week. I'll pick the winner for the Shop Hop Give Away on Wednesday July 2, 2008.

I've included a few pictures from the last few years. I found 2005, 2006 and I know I went to the shop hop last year but I guess I didn't have my camera with me. Sorry! I'll take lots of pictures this year.
Shop Hop 2006

Shop Hop 2005 - Pieces of Utah

Shop Hop 2005 - Pieces of Utah

Shop Hop 2005 - Pieces of Utah