Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shop Hop Day One

Day One: Wednesday, June 25th

Well, we had a blast. . .Fabric, Food, and Fun. . .it doesn't get much better than this for a quilter! Of course, going to Market would be my dream!!! For me, it would be like going to Disney World! I'd have to run from ride to ride until my feet fell off and than get up early and do it the next day! That would be so FUN. I love being around creativity and seeing all of the beautiful things that people create!!! It's a real charge for me! I'm sure you can tell from all of the exclamation points. I guess it's kinda like watching Mary Murphy on "So You Think You Can Dance." If you know what I mean, LOL!

Drum Roll. . . Please!

So here are some pictures from Day ONE of the Quilt Shop Hop! ENJOY!

Thimbles & Threads located in Draper, Utah

Thimbles & Thread's Quilt Theme: "There's No Place Like Home" from Wizard of Oz

Quilts, Quilt, Quilt, ETC. located in Sandy, Utah

Quilt's Etc. Quilt Theme: Cinderella's Ball Gowns

Another Quilt I loved at Quilts Etc. designed by Lori Holt

Mormon Handicraft located in Deseret Book Store in Midvale, Utah

Their Quilt Theme: Jack and the Beanstalk

Elaine's Quilt Block located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Elaine's Quilt Theme: Thumbelina "It's Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After"

Some of the other Thumbelina Quilts they had on display

Whimsy Cottage located in Holladay, Utah ( I didn't take a picture of the store front because it's really a dive compared to their last location in Heber City.
Quilt Theme: The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Piper's located in Historic Sugarhouse, Utah

Piper's Quilt Theme: Hansel and Gretel (beautifully appliqued)

Other fun quilts in the store along with crocheted hats that are just darling!

More fun quilts at Piper's
(Ski quilt designed by Jeanette and Gardening Quilt designed by Lori Holt)

Pine Needles located in Historic Gardner Village in Midvale, Utah

Pine Needle's Quilt Theme: Princess and the Pea
They had a baby quilt (in crib) and a wall quilt (on wall)

View of the inside of Pine Needles (One of my favorite shops)


erica e said...

great shops and quilts! thanks for lettting us vicariously experience the shop hop through you!

Jo-Anne said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing your wonderful time!!

Anina said...

Lovely! Quilts Etc. was the very first quilt store I ever visited and where I used to get all my quilt supplies.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Looks like a lot of fun. So where are the pictures of all the things you bought?!?!

Jenibelle said...

I love, love, love the dancing
princesses quilt! How fun, I am so happy that you are still loving and finding a creative outlet in quilting. My goal this year is to make a quilt, maybe for the newlyweds for Christmas (or their first anniversary!!) No, I am really going to make a quilt. Share a great pattern with me!!1

Pat said...

You visited some beautiful shops. Thanks for taking all the lovely pictures. I feel like I was right there with you guys.

Neil said...

I didn't get to go this year and I am so glad I found you with all the pictures. Thank you so much. Vicki

Nanette Merrill said...

Ok never mind my last comment. You went where I did too!! It was fun. I didn't get to Elaines. I only went one day and had other errands to run too. But its fun to see your pictures too. I didn't make it to Pine Needles either and I love them.

Jeanette said...

Wow, I need to take a lesson from you on taking pictures of the shop hop. I took hardly any pictures this year and I am so disappointed.

Guess what? That picture of the Thumbelina quilts on the board? My quilt is there =0P It was fun to see my quilt on your blog LOL

I just found your blog today through the quilt bloggers website, I will definately be back!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love all the shops and their quilts are amazing!! Very detailed. Thanks for the tour. I remember going to the Mormon's Handicraft store when my hubby used to travel Utah. I love it.

bingo~bonnie said...

oh how I love that you blogged about your shop hop!!! I've never been on one myself.. but have seen them in blog land thanks to bloggers like yourself. :)

and you are so lucky those shops let you take photos!!! I was at our LQS once wehn a girl got out her digital camera during quilt club adn the store owner cornered her out and told her to put it away! :::AAK!:: glat that wasn't me.