Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shop Hop Day Three & Four

Day Three: Friday, June 27th
Day Four: Saturday, June 28th

Broadbent's in Lehi is the only shop we visited three times in four days. We went on Day One, Day Three, and Day Four and I bought something on each of those days!!! I couldn't resist the 20% off all the fabric in the store. I bought a lot of quilt backs, shirtings and fabric for Christmas aprons. It's probably one of my most favorite shops. Their quilt area has grown over the years and is now right up there with some of the best quilt shops around. They have an extra advantage of being one of the oldest retail stores in the area.

Their store is over 125 years old and their customer base is very loyal. There aren't many in the area that don't know where Broadbent's is located and most people could probably give you directions. Every year the Lehi Parade passes by their door. How fun is that? If you like a shop with history and charm Broadbent's is a place for you. Check it out the next time you're in Utah. They even have chickens out back!!


Pat said...

OMGosh even more shops. How many miles did you travel? How much did you spend on gas?

Jo-Anne said...

I DO know where this one is!!
I hope your gas budget didn't interfere with your fabric budget! :)
This has been so much fun to read and see all the pictures.

Nanette Merrill said...

Darnit. I didn't even get to Broadbents. I had been there Monday so I didn't even think of going back. It is a great store and we're lucky to have it close.