Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fresh Fabric Treats Book Signings

Come Celebrate the Release of the Long Awaited
Moda Bake Shop Book called:

3 of the 15 Designers have joined with 3 of our Favorite Quilt Shops
on Saturday, June 4th for a "FFT" Book Signing Party.

Natalia Bonner

Vanessa Christenson

Kim Walus


Come & Enjoy

• Store Discounts
• Giveaways
• Refreshments
• Lots of Laughter
• MBS Trunk Show
• Plus you'll see 3 of the projects from the book


We will be at the following 3 locations
on Saturday, June 4th

Material Girls: 10am to 11:30am
645 Towne Center Dr # 4
South Jordan, UT 84095-8603

Pine Needles: 12:30 to 2pm
1100 West 7800 South
West Jordan, UT 84088-3500

American Quilting: 3pm to 5pm
424 West 800 North
Orem, UT 84057-3728



Friday, May 20, 2011

Sew Cherry Designer

My Friend, Lori Holt had her BIG debut at Quilt Market and it was so fun to visit her at her SPOT in the Riley Blake Booth. I just had to take pictures to show you how great it turned out. I think I need a red and white kitchen to go with all of the darling quilts. You will have to go to her blog to get a closer look at some of her quilts that she's recently post about. I loved her Cake Walk Quilt, Her Dresden Quilt (I'm not sure what she named it), and her Vintage Dishes Quilt. Look for her fabric and patterns in your local quilt shops. If you need it fast I know you can order her fabric right now at The Fat Quarter Shop.

You are going to love Lori's 1 yard Apron Pattern. It is one pattern with 8 different varieties. They were all so cute I could hardly decide on a favorite but, I love her red gingham apron with the blue pockets (see 2nd apron from the left on the bottom row). I'm sure you'll be able to see them soon on Lori's Blog. You'll just have to become a follower of her blog and then you'll get a first hand look at them.

I also loved the pillow with the Hexie's in done in the traditional grandmother's flower garden design. The pattern is called "SEW HEXIE" Go check out Lori's BLOG POST today and read more about this great pattern.

Have fun sewing and creating with "SEW CHERRY"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Moda Schoolhouse

I have to tell you that I was a little bit nervous driving up to Salt Lake City Thursday morning for Moda's Schoolhouse. I worried about getting delayed in the road construction on SR92 so I took a detour and then I worried about getting stuck in traffic. I had given myself plenty of time but still felt a little apprehensive. I've never shared my work with such a large group of people that I mostly didn't know before and . . .

. . . it was a full house, too!

Here we are on the sidelines waiting for our turn to present.
Do we look a little nervous?
I know I was!

This is Natalia of "Piece N' Quilt" showing us her beautiful Picnic Quilt.
You will just love this project!

Darling Vanessa Christensen of "V & CO." is so cute! Her smile warms the room! Her project is bright and happy and just perfect for any little girl's room. You could even put the letters of their name on a few of the banner flags or a special message like "I LOVE YOU!"

My project is a practical tote for the Quilter who is on the go! It holds practically everything that you would need for a day away with your quilting friends (I will talk more about the details in another post).

I've always wanted to make a string quilt and this one by Lissa Alexander is just beautiful!! Lissa is one busy and very talented lady. It was such a pleasure to meet her. THANKS Lissa for all of your hard work and inspiration in making this book come to life and many many THANKS go to Susan Woods and the staff at C&T Publishing who were so wonderful to work with. The book is spectacular and I love every bit of it.

Another picture of Lissa Alexander (Director of Marketing for Moda) picking the winning names out of the container. Several books and pre-cuts were given away to those in attendance.

Happy Book Winner!

Another Happy Book Winner!

Picture of one of the winners (the person holding the book) from the drawing. She wanted a picture with some of the designers that were there at the Moda Schoolhouse.

L to R: Lissa Alexander, Natalia Bonner, Winner, Kim Walus, Vanessa Christenson, and the Sweetwater Gals (Sweetwater blog).

Other Market News from Today:
  • Sherri from "A Quilting Life" did a wonderful post today. You will want to run over and see the great pictures she took at Quilt Market.
  • Amy Smart from "Diary of a Quilter" is another must read. I've known Amy for a long time and if you got a chance to meet her at market you will definitely agree with me. What a great time we all had at the Blogger's Quilt Market Meet-Up on Saturday Night. Thanks Amy, Nanette and Calli
  • Amber from "A Little Bit Biased" also did a great market post today. You will love her patterns and all of her pictures. This was her first year at Market like most in my circle of friends.
  • Crazy Old Ladies is another one of my favorite blogs and I didn't realize she had a fabric line coming out at Quilt Market until I recently caught up on some of my blog reading after having seen her booth at Market. You will love her inspirational story on how she came up with her new fabric line and her recent pictures and post on Market are great!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Look at Market

This was my first LOOK at Market all in one view!! It's amazing and overwhelming at the same time. The room is filled with excitement and creativity. What a FUN place to be for 4 days.

Here's a little closer look at how far it spreads across the room.

It's my understanding that there were over 2900 vendors represented at 2011 Spring Market. We barely made a dent in what we wanted to see on the first day. Since I had an exhibitor pass through Moda I could watch the set up and it was amazing to see how quickly it all came together. There were pallets and people everywhere. Like little worker bees in the hive. Lots and lots of activity.

Keep checking back.
I have more pictures to come.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Off to Market I Go

I know many of you have had the Quilt Market Experience before but, for me, this is my first and I'm super excited to be going. You will want to click on the Market Button on my side bar that Monica of Happy Zombie made for Pam Kitty Morning so that you can keep up with the happenings at Quilt Market.

Many of you know that I've been doing design work for Moda's Bake Shop for the last 2 years and over a year ago I was asked to participate in Moda's first Bake Shop Book for Stash Books by C&T Publishing. That was an awesome experience making a couple projects for the book. Even I haven't seen all of the projects in the book so I am looking forward to seeing the book in print.

For those that will be at Quilt Market on Thursday, I just wanted to let you know that I will be debuting my project in the book along with some of the other Chef's at Moda's Schoolhouse on Thursday, May 12th in Room 255B, it starts at 11:30am and ends at 12:00 Noon. All the CHEFS in the book that are able to come will be there. Come join in the fun as "Fresh Fabric Treats" is introduced to the world.

Can you guess which project is mine?
Check back soon for the "BIG REVEAL" and a GIVEAWAY!

I also have a little gift for the first 10 people that find me at Quilt Market and tell me the CODE WORD. Since my family is from New Zealand I thought I would make the Code word a New Zealand Greeting. Here's the Code Word "Kia Ora" (pronounced "kee-or-a").

Simply find me and say "Kia Ora" Yes! It's that simple. I'm hoping to run into many of you. I won't be tied to a booth so, I will be roaming about the room and visiting with friends that have their own booths. Now, if you need any help or if you need someone to stand in for you so you can take a break to use the restroom or get a bite to eat just let me know and I'll try to help.

Here's the online definition of Kia Ora:
interjection (N.Z.) hello, hi (informal), greetings, gidday or g'day (Austral. & N.Z.), how do you do?, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, welcome a postcard bearing the caption `Kia-Ora: Greetings from Maoriland'
also: sentence substitute NZ greetings! good luck! [Maori, literally BE WELL!]

I will also be at the Quilt Blogger's Meet-Up on Saturday Night, May 14th at the Blue Lemon. I hope you have your ticket and don't forget to bring it with you.

I will also be at two other functions on Thursday Night and Friday Night.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Trivet Tutorial

My friend Janet Platt is very creative and designed the popular Quick Points Ruler. The most recent ruler that she's designed is the Scallop Ruler (see picture below). If you are going to the local HMQS Show in Utah on May 5-7, 2011 you will be able to purchase the rulers at the show and even watch a demonstration. Go to the HMQS link to print a coupon. Janet and her RULERS will also be at the International Spring Quilt Market May 13-15, 2011 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It wasn't too long ago that she asked me to design a project for a kitchen trivet using the leftover mylar from making the Scallop Pushers (see picture below). That started my mind going and I told her I would take on the challenge. It was fun designing the kitchen trivet and it can also be a circular placemat to place on your side table or under a plate.

Scalloped Trivet Tutorial

Finished Size: 15" diameter Circle

  • 1" Scallop Ruler-S1
  • 1" Scallop Pusher-P1
  • 12 .5" x 6.5" Creative Grid Ruler
  • One 4" x 4" Fabric Square for Center Square
  • Two 4" x 4" Fabric Squares for next SQS
  • Two 6.5" x 6.5" Fabric Squares for next SQS
  • Two Fabric strips measuring 3.5" x 7.5" for border on SQS block
  • Two Fabric strips measuring 3.5" x 13.5" for border on SQS block
  • Two pieces of Fabric measuring 8.5" x 9.25" for pocket on back of trivet
  • One piece of Fabric measuring 4" x WOF for scallop
  • One piece of Contrasting Fabric measuring 4" x 40-44" for scallop
  • Insul-Bright Batting measuring 14" x 14"
  • Trivet Backing Fabric measuring 14" x 14"
  • Teflon Insert for Trivet available through
  • Freezer Paper
SQS= Square in a Square
WOF= Width of Fabric


Step One:
Making the Scallop

Completely read the instructions before using the Scallop Ruler.

Use the two 4” x WOF strips to make the scalloped edge for the trivet.

Lay the ruler on the wrong side of the fabric and trace around the ruler and in all of the holes.

Slide the ruler across the fabric to finish marking the strip.

Reduce your stitch length to a shorter stitch (2.0) then sew 1/4 inch in from the marked line. Stop at the dot keeping needle in down position, then pivot the fabric, take one stitch, pivot again and continue sewing the scallops.

Repeat process for each scallop.

Clip the curves and into the deep valleys. You could also use Pinking Shears.

To open the scallop for turning you will need to carefully cut down the center of one side of the scallop being careful not to cut the fabric underneath. I folded the scallop then gave it a bit of steam so that I could cut along the pressed fold (see below).

Press the scallops using the scallop pusher. The pusher is a very useful tool and will decrease your pressing time. Set Scallop aside for later.

Step Two:
Making the Square in a Square Block for Trivet

Cut fabric according to the supply list above. This is a picture of what you will need to make the Square in a Square Block (SQS).

Take your 4" x 4" center square and fold it in half then pinch the folds. Repeat for opposite side of square.

Take the (2) 4" x 4" squares for the SQS and cut them diagonally from the bottom right corner up to the top left corner. You will now have 4 triangles. Now take the two corners along the diagonally cut line and bring them together to form a fold then pinch the fold. This is a quick and easy way to match the center of the triangles to the center of the squares.

Now take two of the triangles and match the pinched centers with the center marks on the two opposite sides of the center square.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance sew the triangle on one side of the square and then the opposite side. Press seams away from center squares. Repeat process for the two remaining sides of the square.

Take the creative grid ruler and match the 45 degree markings on the ruler and match it to one of the 4 corners of the square. The ruler is set up to leave a 1/4" seam allowance beyond the squares corner point. Trim the excess fabric. Repeat this process for the remaining 3 corners of the SQS Block.

The Square in a Square Block should now measure 5.5" x 5.5" after trimming the excess.

Now take the (2) 6.5" x 6.5" squares for the next SQS and cut them diagonally from the bottom right corner up to the top left corner. You will now have 4 triangles. Take the two corners of the triangle (along the diagonally cut line) then bring them together to form a fold then pinch the fold.

Now take two of these triangles and match the pinched centers with the corners of the center squares. Using a 1/4" seam allowance sew the triangle on one side of the square and then the opposite side. Press seams away from center squares. Repeat process for the two remaining sides of the square.

Take the creative grid ruler and lay the 45 degree markings on the ruler and match it to one of the 4 corners of the square. The ruler is set up to leave a 1/4" seam allowance beyond the squares corner point. Trim the excess fabric. Repeat this process for the remaining 3 corners of the SQS Block.

The Square in a Square Block should now measure 7.5" x 7.5" after trimming excess.

Sew on the 3.5" x 7.5" strips to each side of SQS. Press seams outward.

Sew on the 3.5" x 13.5" strips to the remaining sides of SQS. Press seams outward. Your block is now ready to cut out and quilt. Set aside. Your block is now ready to cut into a circle.

Pull out freezer paper and draw a circle using an 11.75" diameter circle (I used one of my dinner plates but, know that it’s NOT the plate you see in the pictures). Cut out the freezer paper circle and fold it in half twice. Now iron it to the right side of SQS block making sure the creased lines in the freezer paper cross over the four corners of the SQS block.

The circle should now be evenly centered in the block.

Cut off the fabric that remains outside of the freezer paper circle.

Cut out one more fabric circle for trivet backing fabric and one more circle out of the batting.

Step Three:
Quilting the SQS Trivet Top

Now place the finished Trivet on top of the batting. Pin in place and quilt as desired. I stitched in the ditch and sewed circles around the outside edge of trivet. I finished sewing four diagonal lines across the SQS block creating x’s.

Below is a view of the quilting on the back.

Step Four:
Making the Pocket for Trivet Back

For the (optional) pocket on the back of the trivet, take two pieces of fabric measuring 8.5" x 9.25" with right sides together place on top of the Insul-Bright batting. Pin.

Sew around all 4 sides leaving a 2” opening for turning the pocket right side out. Clip corners, turn, and press.

Take the pocket you just finished and center it in the middle of the fabric circle being used for the back of the trivet. Sew a seam close to the edge of 3 sides of the pocket making sure the 2” opening is sewn closed as you sew the three sides. Set Aside.

The picture shows the finished product with the heat resistant Teflon that slips into the pocket for added protection. Trim the Teflon to fit the pocket.

Step Five:
Finishing the Scalloped Trivet

Before sandwiching all of the layers you will need to take the finished scallop and sew a basting stitch along the bottom folded edge of the scallop.

Pull the thread to gather the scallop just enough to ease it around the outside edge of the trivet. Adjust the scallop then pin in place.

Sew the scallop in place. Then sandwich the two circles with right sides together. Pin. Make sure to use a walking foot on your sewing machine to sew the layers together. Make sure to leave a 2-3” opening for turning the trivet.

Clip curves around the circle starting and ending at the opening. Turn Trivet right side out. Press and sew opening closed.

Here's a video showing you how to use the Scallop Ruler.