Saturday, January 29, 2011 tutorial

Have you ever wondered why bloggers don't reply to your comments. Well, there is a simple reason why bloggers don't reply to your comments and that's because they CAN'T! Here is the solution to fixing the problem. . .

Not too long ago my friend Jodi from Pleasant Home did a wonderful tutorial on being a If you have a minute go check your blogger account to see if you have it set as NO REPLY.

The reason I'm mentioning this is because with over 1200+ comments on the Moda Progressive Dinner Giveaway I had nearly half of the comments (595 comments) that were set as noreply-comment@blogger. I'm not sure how many of the 595 no reply comments will read this post but if even a small portion read this it will help the blogging community continue to function as it could and should. It's a really simple fix and then you'll be able to receive a reply in response to any of your comments or questions.

It's so frustrating to be unable to respond to a question or comment from your readers and it will make me so happy if you check out Jodi's Tutorial. Thanks!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Dinner Winner

I've been really busy reading emails and trying to reply to the 1200+ comments in my inbox. I'm really quite overwhelmed with the amount of comments I've received. Thank YOU with all my heart!

I've managed to read all of the wonderful comments in between work, family, and a big science project that was due yesterday (Yes, I survived, thank you for asking) but, I've had a hard time replying to sooo many comments. I hope you will forgive me for not responding to everyone. Just know that I really appreciate your time and it was fun having you stop by my home for dinner.

Now on to the winner. . .

Congratulations go to . . . The Happy Bluebird

my happy bluebird said...

Whew, I've been running around this morning trying to catch up on the commenting for previous designers. Thank you for inviting me in and the delicious dessert! You and your home are lovely... Gotta go -- I'm off to Polka Dot Chair!

The winner was in the first 100 comments.

So, this time the EARLY bird got the worm.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist the pun.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome to Dinner

Oh wait! I think I hear the Doorbell. . .

**Runs for door with excitement to see if guests are arriving**

(Yes. . . that's my Christmas tree you see. lol.)

Please. . . Come on in, it's terribly cold outside. . .

Look at all the SNOW we got a few weeks ago!!!
I'm just happy that you made it here safely!

Here, let me take your coat and I'll put it in my husband's office. Just a sec. Okay, I'm back.

I understand you had dinner at John and Monica's house last night. How are they doing? Well, I hope! Let's go in the family room now so, you can sit by the fire and get warm while we wait for more guests to arrive. . .

Would you like something to eat?
Yes? Oh, good. . .
I've baked up a yummy dessert for you.

You don't mind having dessert first, do you?

Excuse me, but. . . did you have a question? Oh yes, it's called Strawberry Trifle and it's one of my family's favorite desserts. I made several copies and left them HERE on the kitchen counter if you'd like one. Just remember to pick it up before you leave. Would you also like a glass of punch? Yes?

It's my favorite PARTY PUNCH and the recipe's so simple. . .

Just Mix: One 2-liter bottle of Cherry 7-Up and 1 Can of Pineapple Juice. Yep, that's it!

You can easily double, triple, or quadruple the recipe depending on the size of your gathering. Just pour what you need into a punch bowl and add ice. It goes really fast so you needn't worry about the ice melting and diluting the punch. You could even freeze another can of pineapple juice and toss in some cut up pineapple and fresh raspberries. Just put it in a bundt pan to make a "Frozen Raspberry Pineapple Ring" that you can toss in the punch bowl just as you're ready to serve it. I think I need another cup of punch. How about you?

How are you doing? Good. I'm happy to hear that. It sure has been nice getting to know you a little better. I know you like to sew and I was just wondering. . . Have you had a chance, yet, to make any of my projects from Moda's Bake Shop? Oh, that's great! Which one is your favorite?

If you haven't seen my Moda Bake Shop Recipes you can link to them HERE.

Hey, look who's just arrived, it's one of our Special Guests. . .

**Stands up to Greet and Hug**

Let me introduce you to Melissa Mortenson from Polka Dot Chair. She's such a great person. You'll be friends in no time at all.

Did you know that she's one of the many wonderful Moda Bake Shop Chefs?

It just so happens that Melissa has designed several of my favorite projects. So when you have a minute make sure to check them out at the BAKE SHOP.

I sure hope you saved some room for more FOOD because we're headed on over to Melissa's Dinner Party at Polka Dot Chair. If any of you want to carpool I have enough seat belts for 7 people. Can any of you fit a few in your car?

Oh! I almost forgot! Before we leave. . . I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for coming to my home for dinner tonight. Hey, dessert is dinner. hehehe! lol. It's been so much FUN having you visit and share in the big CELEBRATION!!!

And one more thing. . . It's the GIVEAWAY!

Each Moda Bake Shop Chef is giving away ONE BOOK of "Fresh Fabric Treats" and ONE Moda Pre-Cut. Each Chef will choose the pre-cut they'll be giving away at their dinner party. I've chosen Fat Quarter Bundles. FQ Bundles are the best! I really love having extra fabric after making a project just so I can use the scraps in other quilts or craft projects.

Please Join me in THANK-ING Moda Bake Shop and Stash Books for generously providing the prizes for the Progressive Dinner Party. The Prize will be mailed once the books are available for shipping.

Now HERE are the RULES & DETAILS of the Progressive Dinner Giveaway!
  • Please leave ONE comment on THIS POST to be entered into the Giveaway.
  • The Giveaway will END on January 27th and my winner will be chosen sometime that day by a Random Integer Generator.
  • Please make sure I can CONTACT you. . . especially if you happen to win.
  • Moda's Progressive Dinner Grand Prize Drawing: Make sure to visit ALL of the CHEFS on the progressive dinner tour and leave a comment on their dinner post, you’ll then be entered in the drawing to win $200’s worth of Moda pre-cut fabrics along with a copy of the book "Fresh Fabric Treats"
. . . Remember Dinner will be Served . . .
. . . for 4 more Days at the Following Homes . . .

January 23rd Visit
Natalia at Piece N' Quilt
Vickie E. at Mid Ohio Knitter

on January 24th Visit
Rachel at P.S. i Quilt
Lissa at Moda Lissa

on January 25th Visit
The Gals at Sweetwater

on January 26th Visit

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Late Night Reminder

The Party has Begun.

Your First Stop. . .

Stash Books and Moda Bake Shop

Make sure you leave a comment every day at every blog.


Because. . .

There are lots of PRIZES involved
and you won't want to miss out on the chance to win!

Today visit: Stash Books

on January 20th visit Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts

on January 20th visit Roslyn at Bloom & Blossom

on January 20th visit Vanessa at V & Co.

on January 21st visit John at Quilt Dad

on January 21st visit Monica at Happy Zombie

on January 22nd visit Kim at bitty bits & pieces

on January 22nd visit Melissa at Polka Dot Chair

on January 23rd visit Natalia at Piece N' Quilt

on January 23rd visit Vickie E. at Mid Ohio Knitter

on January 24th visit Rachel at P.S. i Quilt

on January 24th visit Lissa at Moda Lissa

on January 25th visit Julie at Jaybird Quilts

on January 25th visit Sweetwater

on January 26th visit Angela Yosten

on January 26th visit Jenny Garland

I'll See You at Dinner on Saturday!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine Banner

Do any of you remember the Blessings Banner I made at Thanksgiving time?

Well, the pattern is finally done!!!

This is my newest Moda Bake Shop Tutorial that's now available at Moda's Bake Shop. Click on this LINK to go to the tutorial and then you'll need to go to the end of the post where you see the "printer friend download icon" then click on the icon to be taken to the file where you can then print the pattern and the free tutorial. Go Check it OUT today!!

NOTE: The Moda tutorial banner pattern is set at landscape and the printer is printing in portrait so the pattern is too small. I've advised the Moda Editor and it will be fixed soon. Thanks for your patience.

These are the other variations I've made so far. . .

Hugs & Kisses Valentine Banner

Spring Time Banner
I will be teaching this banner variation at American Quilting's
Spring Quilt Retreat in March 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings Banner

Christmas Banner

For those YOYO lover's out there I made and attached 12 yoyo's in between each flag on the Valentine and Spring Time banners. They could also be added to the Blessings and Christmas banners too but I haven't done that yet. I also added extra embellishments to the Valentine banner. I love all sorts of buttons and had to add lots of red buttons in between the yoyo's.

I'm sorry this is a small picture but you can get any assortment or color or kind of buttons online at a place called MORE Buttons. If you live locally, I recently found them (again) at my American Fork Roberts Arts & Crafts Store.

Here's the LINK right to the red buttons. You can get to the More Buttons store by clicking on the link above.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Invited to Dinner

You are ALL Invited to Attend
Moda BAKESHOP's Progressive Dinner

Come Meet and Greet 15 Chefs from Moda Bake Shop

Trust me! You won't want to miss out on the FEAST!


Make sure to MARK your CALENDAR.

There will be LOTS of SURPRISES coming your way!!!

January 19-26, 2001

All Day Every Day


on January 19th visit: Stash Books

on January 19th visit Moda Bakeshop

on January 20th visit Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts

on January 20th visit Roslyn at Bloom & Blossom

on January 20th visit Vanessa at V & Co.

on January 21st visit John at Quilt Dad

on January 21st visit Monica at Happy Zombie

on January 22nd visit Kim at bitty bits & pieces

on January 22nd visit Melissa at Polka Dot Chair

on January 23rd visit Natalia at Piece N' Quilt

on January 23rd visit Vickie E. at Mid Ohio Knitter

on January 24th visit Rachel at P.S. i Quilt

on January 24th visit Lissa at Moda Lissa

on January 25th visit Julie at Jaybird Quilts

on January 25th visit Sweetwater

on January 26th visit Angela Yosten

on January 26th visit Jenny Garland

Monday, January 3, 2011

50th Birthday Giveaway Winners


To the following Winners of
my 50th Birthday & Moda Giveaway!!!

#1 Robin from Quilty as Charged
#2 Sherri from A Quilting Life
#3 Leah from Quilted Delights
#4 Mimi from Q is for Quilt
#5 Doina from Doina Quilt
#6 Jackie from Jackie's Stitches

I've sent emails to all of the winners. Please respond with your mailing address and I will get the prizes in the mail this week. Thanks to everyone who left a comment here on my blog and at Moda Bake Shop.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Handmade by Me

Several bloggers have been searching on the internet for a bag called "Handmade by Me" and I thought it was really cute that you thought there was a pattern "Handmade by Me". . . I simply used that wording to say that instead of buying the sewing bags already MADE by someone else I meant that I had actually Handmade the bags for my friends and one for the giveaway using my own two little hands . I hope that makes a shred of sense. lol.

Anyway, this is the pattern I used and then I changed it to suit my needs. You can see the flying geese bag in the lower right hand corner of the picture below.

Click HERE to buy the pattern.

I also made the flying geese pinwheel bag but it was a bit big for me and I didn't like how the bottom pinwheel wrapped around to the bottom seam.

I'm just picky that way and hated losing part of the flying geese to the bottom of the bag.

It's a darling pattern and I do love it or I wouldn't have bought it. I especially love that cute sewing machine, too!!!

Here's the basics on how I changed the pattern. . .
(I'm sorry there are only a couple pictures but hopefully that helps)

  • I only made 4 flying geese for the front and omitted the 4 flying geese for the back.
  • I sewed a 9 1/2" square to the bottom of the 4 flying geese.
  • I cut out a 9 1/2" x 14" piece of batting and put it on the backside of bag.
  • I quilted it following the lines of the seams and a 1" grid on the black polka dot.
  • I cut out a 9 1/2" x 14" piece of fabric for the bag lining.
  • I added fabric ends to each side of the 9" zipper to make the zipper smaller.
  • I attached the zipper.
  • I turned it right sides in making sure the zipper was unzipped for turning later.
  • I sewed up both sides of the bag.
  • I opened the corners by matching the side seam and the bottom and then measuring up 1" from the corner tip and then sewed across the seam.
  • Then I turned it right side out and pressed it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mixed Bag

This holiday has been a mixed bag of birthdays, anniversaries, shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of grandkids, movies, wedding receptions, a big dental procedure on me, and several doctor visits for my husband. I'm exhausted and have to apologize for my inability to respond to all of your wonderful comments. The response to my giveaway has been amazing and I want you all to know that I've read every single comment in between all of the chaos in my life plus my carpal tunnel has been acting up quite a bit.

I really appreciate all of the wonderful birthday greetings and comments you left on my blog and at Moda's Bake Shop. It's brightened each day as I read your comments. Thank you too, to all of my new followers and I hope you've enjoyed your time here and will stop back in from time to time.

I had every intention of picking a winner today but alas, it hasn't happened and I'm going to fall in to bed after I publish this post. I've been at the insta-care with my husband who has another kidney stone causing him grief while trying to drop in on my dad's 80th birthday dinner during our wait at insta-care.


I will pick a winner hopefully tomorrow at some point but with church and a big extended family party for my dad's 80th it may have to wait for Monday after work before I can pick a winner. Keep an eye out for the winner announcement post.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.