Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bitty Bowl of Pins Tutorial Part 1

Thanks Everyone for all of your positive responses on wanting a tutorial for the Bitty Bowl of Pins. I thought I'd break up the tutorial into sections and start first with the supplies you'll need to make it.

I thought you might want to see a picture of it being held in my daughters hands so you could get an idea of the proportion of the bowl. It's smaller than you think.

Part One:
Supply List for Bitty Bowl of PINS

Just for your information. . . I tend to have all the supplies I need on hand whenever I start creating things but on occasion I still get to go to the craft store to find what I need for a project I'm working on.

Please remember. . . I've been collecting craft and sewing stuff for years and years. I just don't want you to feel bad or feel obligated to go out and spend money on something you may not use again. I'm just including the links to purchase any of the items you need to make the pincushion look exactly like mine.


  • 1 Mini Bowl from Crate & Barrel
I bought my Mini Bowls at Crate & Barrel. Here's the LINK to buy it online if you don't have a store near you. These are the dimensions of the bowl: 1.75 oz. 3" diameter x 1.875" height.
Cost: $1.95

  • 5" x 9.5" piece of fabric for the pincushion
I used fabric from the "Sew Happy" collection by Monaluna for Robert Kaufman which is now out of print, but if you do some looking around on the internet you may be able to find it. I did some looking and found it HERE. It's expensive, but you may be able to find it for less, so keep looking and I would recommend that if you LOVE it then you should buy it. . . NOW! It also comes in black.
Cost: $10.50 a yard

  • Crushed Walnut Shells for pincushion filler
I bought it at a local pet store but you can buy it here at AMAZON You can also use Silica Sand which many quilt stores are carrying for quilters but, you can also buy it in quantity at a place like Home Depot.
Cost: $5.48

  • AMACO ArtEmboss Soft Metal Sheets 9 1/4" x 12"
I bought mine at a local Craft Store. Here's the online link to AMACO for the Aluminum Sheet #50067S (medium weight)
Cost: $7.29
I bought my set at a local hardware store and my set only came with letters.
Cost: $7.99 (currently on SALE)
  • 2.5"x2.5" Bench Block
If you're going to be doing metal stamping I would recommend you purchase a Bench Block or if you have an ANVIL handy, I'm sure that will work but, I bought my Bench Block from Beaducation. It helps the metal letter stamps give a nice clean impression on any metal surface. P.S. They also have a variety of metal letters and shapes. They also provide a Beginning Stamper Checklist that you might want to check out HERE.
Cost: $18.00
  • Two Mini Silver Brads to make it look like the metal PINS label is permanent
I purchased my silver brads from a local Craft Store in the scrapbooking section
Cost: less than $3-5.00
  • Glue Dots for glueing on the Metal PINS label.
I purchased my glue dots from a local Craft Store in the scrapbooking section
Cost: less than $5.00

    Upcoming Tutorials for the Bitty Bowl of PINS. . .

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Itty Bitty Bowl of Pins

    Just thought I'd pop in to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and to show you the sweet little red pincushion that I recently created and made for my RED PINS. I was thinking of doing a little tutorial for anyone who might be interested. Just leave me a comment if you'd like to know details on how to make an Itty Bitty Bowl of Pins for yourself.

    I'm calling it my "Itty Bitty Bowl of Pins" because it's an itty bitty bowl that I found and I love anything that's itty bitty. I use to collect really small things when I was a kid. Just a side note... do any of you remember the original Pet Shop Pets? Well, my girls and I LOVED them and somehow I've held onto a few of the original Pet Shop Pets. I have them hidden away from my grand daughter who would adore them and then lose them. lol.

    Bitty Bowl of Pins. . .

    Remember to leave me a comment if you're interested in a tutorial.