Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crochet Along Success

Thanks Cassie for the time you invested in your wonderful Crocheted Pillowcase Tutorials. It was a great success and I'm loving my pillowcases. I'm just getting around to posting the results of my efforts. I have three pillowcases that are done and the other two are just about there.

I made two green pillowcases for my Kenna and I.

This fun floral print pillowcase I made for my grandaughter.

I made two of these pillowcases for the soon to be married couple.

Just 23 days and counting...

It's coming too fast...

I'm in worry mode at the moment.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting Game!

Without going into too much detail I have to tell you that things are CRAZY around here. Each of my four kids are waiting for things. Important things. Life changing things. . .

Here's one BIG thing we're excitedly waiting for. . .

A Wedding!

Just 31 days and counting. . .

A few people wanted to have a look at the wedding announcement so, here it is. The kids asked me to play photographer and I had lots of fun taking their pictures. We also made our own announcements and saved some money along the way. You have to save money in some areas so you can spend it in the important areas like the BIG party.

It's going to be a lot of fun with friends and family. I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe after the wedding I can get back into the swing of things. Sewing things, that is.

For your viewing pleasure I've included a few of my favorites from 3 photo shoots.

This last picture is one of my very favorites.
It's just so sweet.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Crochet Along-Firm Foundation

This weeks tutorial is titled a "Firm Foundation" and it's been so fun following the Crochet Along on You Go Girl's blog. Cassie has done a great job keeping us all motivated and her instructions and pictures are fun and easy to follow. The pillowcases made up so quickly that I even managed to make 5 pillowcases this past week.

Cassie put up the newest tutorial today and this afternoon when I came home from work I sewed the blanket stitch around one of the five pillowcases. I should be able to blanket stitch the other pillowcases this week in preparation for next week's tutorial.

Here's a picture of the stitching I did on one of the two green floral pillowcases. The fabric is from the Oz Collection by Sanae for Moda and I used Aunt Lydia's (size 3) cotton crochet thread in Scarlett Red #0006.

The picture below shows the three fabrics I picked for my pillowcases along with the crochet thread that I picked to do the crocheting. The pink thread color is called Warm Rose #0775 and the DMC Sensa color is #N1010.

You can click on the Crochet Along Button on my sidebar and it will take you right there.

Go Check it out if you want to crochet along with the rest of us. . .

Weekend Happenings

Things are getting busy around here with the wedding just 5 weeks from this Thursday. Most of the last two weekends have been spent designing, printing, cutting, embossing, labeling, and assembling the wedding announcements. We made our own wedding announcements. It was lots of work but we saved quite a few $$$ by doing it ourselves. The announcements will be mailed next week.

On Sunday we had our weekly family dinner. It's always a lot of fun having the kids and grandkids over to play and visit and cook together.

On Saturday I went to lunch with my quilting friends. They are very talented and it's wonderful to rub shoulders with all of them. You can visit Nedra's blog for more details on the fun we had and the gifts we exchanged. It definitely felt like Christmas. Thanks girls for the goodies and the wonderful lunch we shared. I really enjoyed getting away from my hectic life.

Kim, Lori, Nedra, and Nanette

Kim and Lori

Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Go Girls Crochet Along

I'm late getting this posted but I really wanted to share it with you. I've signed up to Crochet Along with Cassie and the girls who have signed up over at YOU GO GIRL. Go check it out, especially if you have a desire to learn how to crochet while making a special crocheted edge on a pillowcase.

Thanks Cassie for letting me crochet along with you and to learn from your experience. I'm really excited about making the pillowcase and crocheting the edge. I've decided to make the first pillowcase for my grandaughter, Kora Belle. She just had her 2nd birthday a week ago.

Here are a few pictures to document my journey. . .

I have my supplies. . .

I have my fabric. . .

I bought the book. . .

I've been practicing all week. . .

And I'm ready to begin. . .

FYI. . .It's not too late for YOU to join the fun. . .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mystery Exchange Quilt

When I decided to go to Amy's retreat for a second year I had some experience behind me and decided that I would limit the projects I brought with me and that I wouldn't take on more than a couple new projects. I get easily back logged!!! If you know what I mean. I'm so behind that I don't even want to think about it. I just move forward and do the best I can. So.... anyway...

When my friends tried to talk me in to signing up for the mystery quilt I first said "NO." But to their credit, they kept asking me. Rae Ann reminded me how much I love civil war reproductions and so, at the very last possible minute I committed myself to joining the exchange.

We each had to purchase 1 1/4 yard cuts of 3 assigned colors and 1 1/4 yards of two background prints. My color was GOLD, Rae Ann's was GREEN and Diana's was TEAL. I'm pretty sure Susann did the exchange too, but I can't remember what color she was given.

Here's a look see at the fabric we all cut. Amy and her girls put together the kits for everyone that signed up. I counted 24 kits. WOW!

I'm excited to get started on the quilt once I decide and once the wedding plans are done. I'm thinking my life is too busy, maybe it won't be until schools out before I can concentrate on this wonderful quilt.

I know many of you may have seen these two quilts already but for those who haven't here they are. I have to say I am so very pleased that I decided to sign up for this exchange. I might have broken down in tears of sadness.

I love everything about these two quilts and it's going to be difficult deciding which one to make.

What a dilemma!!!

Wish me luck on deciding which one to make.....

Maybe I'll have to make both... one day.....

I certainly have enough fabric in my stash to make a second one. lol.