Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Schnibbling

I can't believe it's the end of the month. Where did it go? It's just flown by around here and I'm afraid that there hasn't been much happening in my craft room this month. It's been crazy busy at work so I come home exhausted and too tired to start anything. I have finished reading 3 books and have started a 4th one. I like to read at night before I go to bed and during my lunchtime break at school. What books have you been reading lately?

Anyway. Here are some pictures from our Schnibbles group that met earlier this month. Enjoy!

By the way this pattern is called "JOY LUCK"

Schnibbles "Plan C" pattern


Let's Play Checkers Pattern. Do you see the pocket in the bottom left hand corner of the quilt in the picture above. It holds the checkers.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pittock Mansion

One of the highlights of our trip to Oregon was a place called Pittock Mansion. It was Kenna's turn to pick a place to visit so, this happened to be the place she decided on. If you live in or around Portland and you've never been to Pittock Mansion I can tell you that it's a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. It would be fun to pack a lunch and have a picnic while walking around the property. Apparently a lot of wedding pictures are take up at the mansion and I can see why. It's a treasure of a place and I'm happy the city of Portland saved it from disrepair.

While we were there I took over a hundred pictures. It was a really hot day but it was worth the sweat. . . hehehe. Anyway, I thought I would share half of the pictures that I took while taking a tour of the mansion. The gardens are beautiful but because of the heat I didn't explore very much outside. Enjoy.