Monday, May 16, 2011

Moda Schoolhouse

I have to tell you that I was a little bit nervous driving up to Salt Lake City Thursday morning for Moda's Schoolhouse. I worried about getting delayed in the road construction on SR92 so I took a detour and then I worried about getting stuck in traffic. I had given myself plenty of time but still felt a little apprehensive. I've never shared my work with such a large group of people that I mostly didn't know before and . . .

. . . it was a full house, too!

Here we are on the sidelines waiting for our turn to present.
Do we look a little nervous?
I know I was!

This is Natalia of "Piece N' Quilt" showing us her beautiful Picnic Quilt.
You will just love this project!

Darling Vanessa Christensen of "V & CO." is so cute! Her smile warms the room! Her project is bright and happy and just perfect for any little girl's room. You could even put the letters of their name on a few of the banner flags or a special message like "I LOVE YOU!"

My project is a practical tote for the Quilter who is on the go! It holds practically everything that you would need for a day away with your quilting friends (I will talk more about the details in another post).

I've always wanted to make a string quilt and this one by Lissa Alexander is just beautiful!! Lissa is one busy and very talented lady. It was such a pleasure to meet her. THANKS Lissa for all of your hard work and inspiration in making this book come to life and many many THANKS go to Susan Woods and the staff at C&T Publishing who were so wonderful to work with. The book is spectacular and I love every bit of it.

Another picture of Lissa Alexander (Director of Marketing for Moda) picking the winning names out of the container. Several books and pre-cuts were given away to those in attendance.

Happy Book Winner!

Another Happy Book Winner!

Picture of one of the winners (the person holding the book) from the drawing. She wanted a picture with some of the designers that were there at the Moda Schoolhouse.

L to R: Lissa Alexander, Natalia Bonner, Winner, Kim Walus, Vanessa Christenson, and the Sweetwater Gals (Sweetwater blog).

Other Market News from Today:
  • Sherri from "A Quilting Life" did a wonderful post today. You will want to run over and see the great pictures she took at Quilt Market.
  • Amy Smart from "Diary of a Quilter" is another must read. I've known Amy for a long time and if you got a chance to meet her at market you will definitely agree with me. What a great time we all had at the Blogger's Quilt Market Meet-Up on Saturday Night. Thanks Amy, Nanette and Calli
  • Amber from "A Little Bit Biased" also did a great market post today. You will love her patterns and all of her pictures. This was her first year at Market like most in my circle of friends.
  • Crazy Old Ladies is another one of my favorite blogs and I didn't realize she had a fabric line coming out at Quilt Market until I recently caught up on some of my blog reading after having seen her booth at Market. You will love her inspirational story on how she came up with her new fabric line and her recent pictures and post on Market are great!


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Sounds like wonderful fun Kim! Thanks for taking me along with your photo's! :-)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

My goodness but quilters are such good looking people! Looks like you all had fun fun fun too!

That bag is love love that fabric!


Sherri said...

What fun! I love both of your projects...and Lissa's string quilt is gorgeous! Think I'm going to put my feet up and browse through the Bakeshop book tonight!

Q said...

I am sure there are way more of us in blogland that you share your work with Kim! but I know lots of people have public speaking butterflies! All the projects look amazing, and I am sure everyone in the audience loved every minute!

Jan Marie said...

school house was so much fun and you looked like a professional. thanks for the recommendations of who to check out for more market news. I started my pictures form the bottom up so my school house pictures will be old before I get to them. I am off to check out the othere bloggers. I am excited that you became a follower.

my happy bluebird said...

Thanks for sharing this fun experience! Is your tote bag pattern in the book? Hope so! Thanks for mentioning the blogs of your friends who were also at quilt market -- I'm off to read about their fun too! :-)

Gigi's Thimble said...

No you don't look nervous, Kim. I'm sure you did fantastic and I'm really bummed I wasn't there to see your presentation! It was really fun to run into you a couple of times at Market! Thanks for always being so supportive and sweet to me!


Thimbleanna said...

Oh gosh -- I so wish I could have seen you at schoolhouse! It was really fun to see you at market though -- we'll take any chance little meeting we can get!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

I would have been terribly nervous if I had talked to this big audience. I'm sure you were very successful! :)

April said...

Hey sweet lady! So nice to meet you at market! Excited to keep up with you--hooray for new friends!
April Rosenthal
Prairie Grass Patterns

Kelly O. said...

you looked fabulous! that sweater really works for you! it's so pretty and your makeup was great...oh and your project is going to be made as soon as I get my hot little hands on that book!

Quilters Haven said...

I won the book at schoolhouse!!!! I was so excited to bring it back to the shop and start sewing. Thanks so much, you girls are amazing...Joni