Monday, June 30, 2008

Do I Have to Share?

I know that the favorite part of SHOPPING is the SHARING but, Do I really HAVE to? I could get into trouble for this! LOL! Actually, my husband has always been very supportive of my creativity and I'm so grateful for that! It sure wouldn't be any fun if he weren't. I thank him often and sometimes remind him that he's vicariously blessing the lives of many, many, many people!!

It is terrible though, when you put it all out there on the table to take pictures and experience a bit of buyer's regret. Some one asked me "How did you keep within your budget after having gone to so many quilt shops?" Well. . . I can tell you that I DIDN'T!!! I spent my entire budget on the first day in the first few quilt shops we went to!! I couldn't believe it! I found so much fabric, too many fun patterns, and a few books that I wanted to buy. Luckily, I've been planning this for a year and I've been working my 8 hour a week job since Sept 2007 so I had a pretty big stash saved up just for this BIG EVENT. So, that helped with the budget side of it!

Here's the big picture of most of everything I bought over the four days of Shop Hop! Enjoy!

I'm really happy with my purchases and I know I'll use it. I even have a head start on my plans for Christmas so in the next few weeks I'll get going on that. I'm most happy about the 3 quilt backs that I was able to save 20% on so that gave me incentive to go ahead a buy it now!

I'm using this fabric and these patterns to make Christmas Aprons for my family this year. I'm kinda hoping they won't read this blog post and that it'll go right over their heads.

Another very CUTE Apron Pattern and some Fabric I'm going to use to make it. All of the employees at Pine Needles were wearing this Apron.

What'dya know? Another apron pattern and fabric to go with it! I guess I couldn't decide on which apron I liked the most? That's how I get in trouble. I just love ALL of it!!!

Hey! It's a purse pattern. . . isn't it cute? Of course, that's why I HAD to BUY it!!

I did actually buy the fabric for another apron before I bought the pattern for the purse but when I put the two together they matched, don't ya think? Maybe, I have enough fabric to make both the purse and the apron!

It's Snowing and It's going to be Christmas before I know it! I've already started to make the table runner out of this fabric for my table come December! It's going to be really cute. I post it on this blog as I get it further along and then when it's done.

Some of the books & patterns I bought.
I bought the Quilt Sampler because it was $3.00

I started this quilt earlier this year and I'll be lucky if I get the top done before July 4th which is this coming friday. I feel like I live in denial as each of the holidays keep sneaking up on me.

And Halloween is right behind coming up quickly! I think I have my holidays backwards. Maybe I should be doing my patriotic quilt first, then Halloween, and then Christmas. Oh well, it all gets done in time even if it's next year in 2009.

Here is the collection of shirtings I found to add to my collection. I was running short with all of the projects I have that require shirtings and this time I made sure to buy 1/2 a yard of each one them. Oh my!! That's 16 yards, it doesn't seem like we could possibly use all of it but somehow I will. I'm working on Omigosh & Dear Jane & a few other Civil War quilts so I know it will all get used.I also bought some fat quarters of civil war prints to add to that collection.


Jo-Anne said...

OOooo! Thanks so much for sharing all your pictures! I did have a small pang of jealously, but it's gone now...okay, maybe that's a fib...:)
LOVE the apron patterns! The recipients of those aprons will be pleased, I'm sure!
Happy sewing....

Nanette Merrill said...

Where did you get the shirting? Broadbents doesn't have a great selection and duh! I forgot to look for shirting while I was shop hopping. Could I be that dense? Really! I love it all. I LOVE that apron pattern from Pine Needles. Its super cute. Well all of your stash is good. I have a few of the things you do. Great minds think alike!

Janet said...

What an addition to your stash!!! I've just done some online shopping to augment mine and am just about to dig around through the stash for the fabrics to make Summer Celebrations - my next project for
Thanks for sharing!!! Love that sampler pattern!

Lily Boot said...

what lovely goodies you have from your shop-hop! The books are gorgeous and I love all the festival fabric - I'm with you - great plans and best intentions but sometimes it takes another full year to come together! Have a great time sewing it all up!

Di said...

I am PROUD of you! Don't you dare feel one bit of guilt about your purchases. You worked for the $ and I noticed you got stuff to make presents so all is good.

Enjoy your goodies!

Nedra said...

I wasn't able to go to Shop Hop this year, and your pictures and comments made me feel like I was there after all! Thanks for sharing so much. Loved everything you got. --Nedra

Jeanne said...

I've had a fun time being on the shop hop with you. It didn't cost me a dime either. *s* Love your purchases, especially the neutrals. Thanks for inviting us along and sharing the pictures.

Pat said...

I love each and every one of your purchases. The apron patterns and the fabrics are to die for. Thanks so much for all the posting and the pictures.

Anita said...

Wow, just love all of your fabric and pattern choices. It looks like the shop hop was a lot of fun.