Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mother's that read this blog! I just wanted to share this beautiful bouquet of Roses that my husband surprised me with last night. I use to have a rose garden in California and I loved having roses on my table when they were in bloom. Roses are also a part of my childhood memories. My father loves to garden and plants a vegetable garden every year. He also had quite a rose garden he'd planted for my mother and she adored her roses! Roses especially remind me of my mother. She's been gone for 15 years now but she is ever present in my thoughts and memories. I love her dearly and pay tribute to her life and her example. I've been a mother now for 24 years and my oldest daughter has been a mother for over 2 years! It's fun to share Mother's Day with her!

We had a wonderful dinner of lasagna, garlic bread, and chocolate cake. We tried to keep it simple and as you can see it went over well. It was especially touching today to have each of my children pay tribute to me and share a special memory or thought about me. It's something we don't often get to hear and when we do it means so much! I'm pretty LUCKY to have four beautiful children and now two grandchildren. They have blessed my life and I look forward to the many years ahead as I watch them continue to grow and have more grandchildren. Grandkids sure are precious gifts and lots of fun too! Thanks, Nick and Natalie!