Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pieces of Love for Parker

I started a new job this year working at my daughters school. I'm a teacher's aide in 2nd grade and I work in one of the classrooms full-time. I love the teacher and all of the kids in our class, it's so much fun. All of the teachers and staff are wonderful and the Principal is pretty awesome! He's so kind and is always very positive with the kids (we have a great school). Well, I kept hearing about his son Parker and wanted to know more. I remember someone saying his mom had a website for him. So, I decided to go there and have a look. Parker's story touched my heart and I immediately wanted to do something special for him. So, this is what's been happening for Parker. . .

Well, I thought it's Christmas time and I have this Christmas quilt I made and I thought why not see if it can generate some money for Parker's Medical Expenses. So, I decided to talk it over with the two secretaries in the office before talking to the Principal about it and they thought it would be a great idea. Then, we thought let's see if we can get the school involved. So, I went and talked with the teacher's over the student council and got them involved, too.

Just get a few caring women involved and a MIRACLE is BORN! This Christmas season I'm reminded that it's more important to give than to receive. I think that the beauty of giving is the miracle's that happen along the way and thus we receive so much more in return for our willingness to give! Isn't it wonderful? I LOVE seeing Miracles Happen and feeling the Love of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Here's a picture I took of the Gingerbread Quilt after we hung it in the office.

A closer look at the quilt.

IMPORTANT, Please Read:
If you're interested in making a donation of $5.00 or more you can go here and click on the gold "Make a Donation" button on the sidebar and follow the instructions. Parker's mom will make sure your name goes into the drawing and let her know I sent you too, thanks. Remember, If you're really interested in the quilt you'll want to HURRY on over to her website and make a donation. Also, If you make a donation just let me know too and I'll make sure your name goes into the drawing. Just leave me a comment or send me an email.

Thank You for your willingness to help. I would appreciate it too, if you can do a shout out on your blogs and spread the word. Any amount can help with the tremendous costs of Parker's medical care. He is QUICKLY approaching his lifetime insurance maximum and he's only just turned 4 years old!!! How scary is that? I can only imagine!

"Pieces of Love for Parker" started on November 17th and it run's through the 17th of December. For every $5.00 donation to Parker's Medical Expenses your name goes into the jar and a name will be pulled for the winner of the Gingerbread Quilt. Just so you know there are also 9 other prizes that have been donated by families at our school.

The Gingerbread kids are starting a "Chain of Love" around the school as a show of love and support for Parker and his family. Each Gingerbread boy/girl represents a donation of any kind from a penny to a dollar or more. We wanted each child in the school to be able to make a donation of some kind. It's been a lot of fun watching the gingerbread kids go up each day after lunch time. There are six days left!!! Last count there were over 600 and I'm sure we're over 700 now. I'll have to recount them after lunch tomorrow.

This is a poster we put up the day we announced to our school how we were going to help Parker and his family for Christmas. I made one poster and ended up with 5 more posters filled with birthday and get well wishes. The kids were all so excited to sign their names and leave a thought.


Thimbleanna said...

You're a sweetie Kim -- what a great idea. I also love Kiersten's quilt -- Natalie did a great job!

Laurie said...

Kim, I'm i tears right now, my heart is so touched. As the aunt to a niece with downs, I relate to a lot of the therapies. Your idea was brilliant, and the gingerbread men melted my heart. Your quilt is beautiful! God Bless You.

Annette said...

A beautiful quilt, created by a beautifully caring heart!

iappearjiggy said...

Wow, you have made my day. I love the quilt, and espavo to you you for being a light and way show-er.

Kim Walus said...

To, iappearjiggy, that is so beautiful...a light and way show-er!

I'm happy to be a light and way show-er, there are so many blessings and joy that come through service to others.

Quilter's are so loving and giving and I'm happy to be a part of the quilting community and for all of you who inspire me. THANK YOU!