Saturday, May 8, 2010

Covered Button Tutorial for Crocheted Flower

I want to thank you for your interest in the Crocheted Flowers I've been making and many of you expressed an interest in knowing how to make the actual crocheted flower part. I was actually just suggesting that I show you how to make the covered buttons in the flowers. I could do a video tutorial but, I have to admit that I'm a little bit afraid of making a fool of myself on video because I'm still so new at crocheting. I'd probably use the wrong crochet language and give you the wrong or confusing directions but, if you don't hold it against me I guess I could make an attempt at making a video tutorial on making the actual flower part. Let me know if you would still want me to make an attempt at it.

The Products:

Well, here's my little secret... On the left you will see a newer product called i-top by imaginisce and on the left you will see the conventional Covered Buttons by Dritz.

Note: Here's a great online source for the covered buttons (with a button shank) go to Covered That's where Nanette and Nedra have bought their covered buttons in bulk.

Another Note: The i-top buttons on the left are what they classify as their medium "Brad Daddies" and the traditional 7/8" Cover Button Kit by Dritz is the same size as the medium "Brad Daddies".

In this tutorial I will be using the i-top product (on the left) but not the tool (on the right).

Before I get started I'm going to send you over to Lori Holt's Blog for a wonderful tutorial on making covered buttons using the i-top covered buttons and tool. You will just love her most recent creation. She gives you a very detailed look at the i-top products and the tool for making the covered buttons with a brad.


Go check it out...

You can pop back over after you have a look see...

Trust me. You will LOVE it...

Especially if you LOVE covered buttons like we do.

Step One:
Making the Covered Buttons

1. Here I'm going to use the pattern and the tool from the Dritz Button Cover Kit.

2. I cut out the pattern and traced it onto some clear vinyl.

3. Then I took the top part of the button and traced around it to create a viewing area for previewing your fabric placement.

4. Cut out your fabric.

5. Take out the button tool.

6. Place fabric over the white cup.

7. Take the metal disc and place it over the fabric.

8. Press the metal disc into the cup. This will gather up the fabric and make it nice and snug.

9. This next step is certainly optional but I tend to make things secure. If that makes any sense.

10. I place a small amount of tacky glue around the metal where the fabric will touch. This makes the fabric more snug and nicely gathered around the metal disc.

11. As you can see the fabric is nicely gathered and ready to go.

12. Just add a small dot of glue before putting on the button back. Again this is optional.

13. Now place the brad backing over the back of the button.

14. Gently press down and you will feel when it's been securely placed.

15. Holding on to the brad shank remove the covered button from the plastic cup.

16. Your covered button is now ready to use.

Here's a picture of the back of the button I just made along with the back side of a traditional covered button.

Here's a look at the front of the two buttons.

Step Two:
Putting Together the Buttons & Flowers

Here are the items I used to attach the crocheted flowers to a clip to make a magnet brooch.

Left to right:
1. Binding clips or hair clips.
2. 1/ 8" x 1" Fender washers from the Hardware Store.
3. 9/16" (Smaller) Fender washers from the Hardware Store.
4. Strong magnets from the craft store.

Option 1:
Crocheted Flower with Hair Clip

Here is the placement order of the crocheted flower with a hair clip.

Left to right:
1. Covered button with brad.
2. Previously Crocheted Flower #1 (any color)
3. Previously Crocheted Flower #2 (white or any color)
4. Hair Clip

Here's a closeup view of how to attach the brad to the hairclip.

1. With pressure on the button from underneath push the brad up through the opened hair clip.

2. Open the brad and spread metal prongs across the hairclip.

3. Once the brad is secure you can slide the clip and adjust it so the back of the clip will close.

4. You can certainly cover the brad with a piece of ribbon and some hot glue but I like the flexibility of taking it off and changing the buttons or the flowers.

Option 2:
Crocheted Flower Brooch with Magnet

Here is the placement order of the crocheted flower with a magnet.

Left to right:
1. Covered button with brad.
2. Previously Crocheted Flower #1 (any color)
3. Previously Crocheted Flower #2 (white or any color)
4. 1/8" x 1" Fender Washer
5. Strong Magnet

Here's a closeup view of how to attach the brad to the fender washer.

1. With pressure on the button from underneath push up the brad up through the center hole of the fender washer.

2. Open the brad and spread metal prongs across the fender washer.

3. Once the brad is secure you can pop on the magnet.

The magnet version is great for wearing on the lapel of a jacket or on a blouse. To wear it all you have to do is place any fabric in between the magnet and the back of the flower. So that means you put the flower on the outside of you blouse and the magnet on the inside of your blouse.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on making crocheted flowers.


Susan In Texas said...

Terrific tutorials. Thanks so much!


Pokey said...

Thank you, Kim, this is great! I'd better go get me some now!

Material Mary said...

Thanks Kim. Great Tutorial and cute crocheted flowers!!

Jocelyn said...

Kim I received my lovely flower pin yesterday. Just wanted to say Thanks again!


Annieofbluegables said...

Kim, that is so darling. Even when I saw the magnet it didn't occur to me that it was for wearing, I figured it was for the refrigerator. Duh! I have a name tag I wear for choir. Why didn't I get this?
I LOVE your tutorial. I love the glue idea. I always fail when I cover buttons, so this is something I will try. You are so fun!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

So very clever and cute! I love your crocheted flower and the covered button just finishes it off so nicely! The magnet idea is great!

You should try doing a video. It's fun! I loved doing all the videos I have on my site, and a lot of them are by request so I know they will be helpful to at least the person who asked for it. If you use video editing software like Windows Moviemaker or something similar, you can cut out the parts where you trip over your words and all that's left is your overflowing confidence! I do it all the time!


Trisha said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing how to make them!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love these flowers. I would love to have the directions for making the crocheted flowers. Thanks for ahowing how to do the covered buttons. Happy Mother's Day. Love & blessings from NC!

Nima said...

wow...that looks lovely...thank you for sharing the idea

Holly said...

Yes, please do the video on making the crochet flowers. Also, size of hook and the brand of crochet thread used! Darling hair clips!!!

KittsKrafts said...

Absolutely lovely! Thanks so much for sharing.


Peggy Steinbronn said...

Very cute! I want to know what crochet pattern you used for the flowers. Thanks.

Jeanette said...

These are so fun! What crochet pattern do you use for the flowers?

I have a bunch of the covered button blanks, but I have never gotten around to making any. I might have to try it now =0)

PS it was fun seeing you at HMQS. I had a ball there, and spent WAY too much money, but the highlight was getting to meet you in person!

Liz said...

Those i-top thingies look great. I love how versatile they look. Thanks for the tutorial.

SewLindaAnn said...

Thank you for the great tutorial. I love them!!!

Thimbleanna said...

As a recipient of these adorable flowers, I just want to say how fantastic they are!!! ;-) Thanks for the tutorial Kim - and thanks again for my flowers -- I LOVE them!!!

Nanette Merrill said...

It is funny you and Lori both are using this at the same time. Great minds think alike. I love this little tool. You both have the best set of tools.

Rae Ann said...

Wonderful tutorial Kim. The crocheted flowers are darling! Thanks for sharing.

Westover's said...

Yes I want to know how to do the flowers! Love your blog!

Peggy Steinbronn said...

I don't need a video tutorial on crocheting, I just need the pattern. How many chains to start? then form a ring? What's the next stitch and how many in the ring? etc.

luckymom said...

I would love your crochet pattern for your flowers they are just darling. Please do a video. I love the covered buttons

prashant said...

Thank you for the great tutorial.
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Patty's Stitches said...

I would love to see how to make the crochet flower. I am so new to crochet also. Any help would be appreciated.

Jennifer said...

Wonderful tutorial. The flowers turn out perfect. I can't wait to try it!

Pat said...

I would love a tutorial on crocheting the flowers - I've only crocheted a little and would love to make these - so cute!!!

Cindy said...

Thank you, Kim. Your tutorials are always clear, precise and easy to understand.

You're a blessing to so many.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That is the cutest thing.