Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Day after Halloween

I hope you all had a great halloween. I know we did. I was working on my costumes all week and even up until the very last minute. Talk about stressful. The pirate shirt was a pain. It wasn't that hard but I was talking and sewing at the same time so, I did more unpicking than I like to do. Stupid mistakes!! LOL! Anyway, it turned out well and Ben made a perfect pirate. He's been wearing his costume all day and all night for three days now. I'm pretty certain he wore it to bed last night and his mom may have a hard time getting him to change clothes for church today too!!! LOL!

Here's my DD in the great STEAMPUNK costume that she put together. She made all of the jewelry too. You're probably all asking your yourselves what's Steampunk?

Well, you can go here to her blog if you want to learn more about steampunk.

Natalie's family had a great time dressing up for Halloween this year and even Nick got in to it. Some of you may recognize his character but just in case your don't. He's Naruto Uzumaki, an ongoing Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. Nick served an LDS mission to Japan for two years and Natalie took Japanese in High School and likes to dray anime so they both love all things from Japan.

The awesome picture was taken by her good friend Michelle.

My DD Natalie with her son Benjamin.

My Daughter's Family.

Benjamin was so excited about Halloween this year that he would hardly hold still and I was lucky to get a few good pictures. He was bouncing around everywhere and he hadn't even eaten any candy yet.

Going down a scary path. . .

That was fun.
They even gave me candy.

He was really into saying Trick or Treat this year and even said it before anyone even answered the door. Here's a sad face because no one was home at this house.

Kenna having fun at her class party.

Here's a close up of the glitter tattoo that her Auntie did for her.

Ursula from Little Mermaid.

Our Coca-Cola Delivery Man.

Here I am with my friend Shari who was giving out baby M & M's. I'm dressed as a Momma Hippie since Kenna went as a hippie. My Ariel told me that I looked more like a Hawaiian Tourist. Oh, well. That's the best I could do with the time I had.

Here are just a few other links to Halloween Posts and Costumes that I enjoyed.


paulette said...

LOVE all the costumes!! Well done and Happy day after!

Rae Ann said...

Loved the costumes, they turned out adorable. Ben and Cora are so cute!
Natalie makes a great Steampunk!!! I loved reading her blog the other day and learning about steampunks.
Kena's Hippie outfit was darling. Seeing her brought back memories of those days growing up.

Shari said...

Great costumes! Glad to see everyone had so much fun... and I hope everyone got lots of candy - whoo hoo!

Pat said...

What fun to see all these great costumes!!!

Nedra said...

Thanks for the plug. Tell your cute daughter that I think she looked very GROOVY. Peace, love, man. (Hey, I was raised near Haight Ashbury).
Looks like you had a great Halloween. I wish I lived close enough to see my grandsons last night. I really missed being near children.

Dawn said...

Great costumes! Happy Halloween!

Cindy said...

Kenna looks just like a "real" hippie. And her momma, I have to agree - a Hawaiian tourist...LOL

I'm ROFLOL!!! Love all the costumes. And, Ursula - too perfect. I'd never thought of that one.

Material Mary said...

Fun costumes. You did a great job on the pirate shirt. Deadlines are sometimes really hard for stress, but you pulled through.

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you guys had a great Halloween - what fun costumes! You make an adorable Hippie Mama!!! And thanks for the shout out!

Shari Knudsen said...

Kim I loved all your pictures. I am glad you got a picture of Ursula. I wanted to get her picture that day and Candice forgot to tell me when she got back. Our janitor was a crack up that day. I loved how he never went out of character with the part he was playing. I liked our picture but I think you forgot to use photo shop and take 20 pounds off of me. However Thanks for including me on your blog. I feel special.

Nanette Merrill said...

The costumes are all great. Ben is so proud of himself! The grandkids are so sweet. I am excited to see what I have to look forward to.

Gigi's Thimble said...

Great costumes. Your daughter is really talented and your little guys pirate costume was awesome. Great job!

Live Well With Judi said...

Wonderful to see all in their costumes. They all looked so great and you did a wonderful job making everything and keeping it together. I wondered why you didn't seem quite like yourself on Tuesday and your exhaustion explains it all! Take a long nap! Hugs