Sunday, January 25, 2009

100th Post Giveaway!

"Spreading the Love"

for my
100th Post Giveaway!!

I've decided to giveaway
TWO prizes in celebration of this special day! Keep scrolling down to see the prizes.

Prize #1
(everything in the picture above including Chocolate!)

One is a cute Valentine Mini Purse filled with 100 bitty bits & pieces of Valentine Fabric from the Sandy Gervais collection called "Hearts A Flutter." It came out two collections ago in 2007 if I remember correctly. It's been one of my favorite Valentine Collections especially since it has so much variety.

The purse will contain 4 squares each of 25 different prints in red, pink, and cream for a total of 100 squares in celebration of my 100 bloggy posts!

Hey, It's a "Mini" Charm Pack!
The squares are cut @ 2 1/2"x2 1/2"
and tied with a ribbon.

Close-up of the bitty bits & pieces of fabric in the mini purse.

The second prize is one of the Love Note Pillows as seen in a previous blog. When this collection came out a few years ago I loved it so much I bought a 1/2 yard of every piece in the collection. It called my name the minute I walked in the quilt store and saw it. Some fabric just speaks to me . . . BUY ME and take ME HOME!!!

Prize #2
Love Note Pillow with Valentine Card.

Please Note: Many thanks go to Suzie @ for the mini purse idea. I loved the idea!!! I just LOVE small things, always have, always will! She has put together a great tutorial on how to make them. You can find the tutorial here. It will take you right to the post but you'll have to scroll down a bit before you'll see it.

These are my version of Suzie's Mini Purses.

Help me celebrate this milestone by leaving a comment and spreading the love. I'm trying to break my comment record of 19 comments (you all helped me break my record yesterday with the pre-giveaway hype) and I need your help to do it again, many thanks!
  • Leave a comment and I will put your name in ONE time.
  • Blog about it on your blog and I will put your name in FIVE additional times.
  • Have your friends tell me you sent them and your name goes in another FIVE times.
Please email me at kimberlywalus (at) mac (dot) com and let me know that you've blogged about it on your blog so I can make sure to add your entries into the drawing.

If you could help me save time looking for your email addresses that would be great. Just add your email to your comment and then I can get back with you. Thanks!

I'll pick two winners on February 1st at 10am and will mail the prizes off the next day so it arrives before Valentine's Day. Good Luck Everyone!


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isa & marta said...

felicidades !!!! Quiero acompañarte en este momento, por favor anotame para el sorteo.
Publicaré el logo y el link.Un abrazo y suerte!! !

Shannon said...

Congrats on the 100 posts. I would love to win something. I also have just started a blog and would love for you to follow my blog.

My email is

Thanks for giving me the chance and checking out my page.

Shannon said...

Congrats on the 100 posts. I would love to win something. I also have just started a blog and would love for you to follow my blog.

My email is

Thanks for giving me the chance and checking out my page.

ezeldabeth said...

i am so sad to see that i am a few posts too late...i would love to be a part of your of the best ones ive seen yet...and 100 posts! wow....i dont think i will ever get there...but on the upside i am a bit of a winner anyhow, because i found your blog...(not as great of a winner if i got some valentine-y goodness...but happy anyhow)...

ElenaMelena said...


cici said...

I love contest.. why... cause I love prizes... I was sent by "letsknitit(desrtknitt)" What a great blog you have here. Only blog that I have seen with this many comments is the Yarn Harlot.
cecicarry on ravlry
cccarry at aol dot com

Patricia said...

congratulations for you 100 post
I will put your link in my blog
sorry for my english I am from Argentina
I like very much your blog is so pretty

María José(mesonero68) said...

Hola yo desde España me apunto a tu sorteo y te felicito por todo.Gracias.Besitos.

Terry said...

Congratulations and I would love to win!

jodi said...

These are soooo cute. I jut love see what people do with all the pretty fabrics. I plan on going to my blog right now to let my friends know.

quiltmom said...

Well Kim, you certainly blew your old record all to smithereens. Congratulations on your 100 post- May you continue to meet new friends and enjoy blogging for many more posts. I came here from Jeanne's post Luv 2 Stitch. You wil have many more people to draw from in your giveaway but perhaps I will be a lucky winner anyway. If not someone else will be very fortunate to win your lovely prizes.
Do come and visit me on my blog at

Darci said...

Congrats on having 100 posts!! It looks like you will totally beat your record with these comments, wow. I love what you made, they are all great and I hope I win one.

whimzeestitches said...

Congrats on 100 posts! I found you via bingo~bonnie from NapTimeNews! Please enter me in your contest! Thanks.

Rocio said...

hola quiero participar del sorteo esta espectacular el premio!
felicitaciones por los 100 posts!
ojala lo gane
mi mail es
la chio de cordoba argentina

Sharon said...

Wow what an inspiration your blog has been to me. it is 3:99 in the morning here and instead of wanting to go back to bed I want to start quilting. Please enter me in your drawing but I will defiently be back to visit, thank you

PatchworkRose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PatchworkRose said...

Hi I just love your little bags and those oh so cute little 2 1/2 inch squares. Glad to see you have so many comments :-)))
Please put me in the draw

Belinda said...

Hello! My name is Belinda and I am Spanish and I would love to join your drawing as you do some things:)
My email is

Now draw your audience in the right bar of my blog: D


Patchworkheike said...

Hi Kim,
congratulations to yout 100th post and what a lovely GIVEAWAY!!! I'll post ist right now on my Blog.
Many greetings

singtatter said...

So sweet! Thanks for the giveaway!

strickliese-kreativ said...

Jesus Christ! So many comments! No wonder! Every part is so outrageous and lovely. Everyone must have! And the colours are my favourite anyway.
Lovely greetings from Germany
from Inken

Ulla said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Your giveaway is lovely and generous. Suzie/littlebusybee sent me, I loved her tutorial too.

Jane S said...

Congratulations! I live in Sweden and I have just found yor blog.
I think quilting is happiness.
Have a nice time
my address

bianca said...

Hi Kim
contratulation on your 100 blog posts. What a wonderful giveaway-idea Greetings from germany.


Annie said...

It seems that you did break your comment record ....... by a long shot!!! I love what you are giving away ....... pick me ...... please!!!!

mireia said...

I want participate from spain.


mireia said...

I want participate too from spain

allthingscolorful said...

I just started getting into patchworking and I love your site,I got your site from the TWIDDLETALES BLOG. I will blog about this on my blog and I will subscribe to yours thank you! Come and check out my giveaways at ENDS VALENTINES DAY!

nani said...

Hola me guataria participar en el sorteo, me encanta tu blog es muy bonito

kisses encarna

SG said...

Wonderful giveaway! Congrats on your 100th post!

Azul Bastos said...

hi!! what a beautifull works you have!! congratulations!! i love this one...hearts are muy favorit subjet, i use them in my art, thanks for sharing!

Sofie said...

I think this comment is over the 19 :-) Congrats on 100 posts!
Blog post here:
my mail: zssari at gmail dot com

Debo said...

Gorgeous treats!! Looks like you broke your record and congrats on the 100th post. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping I might win.

amandajean said...

cute, cute, cute!

katherine of sew me something good sent me here. :)

Andrea said...

Me encantaria poder participar.
Dejo un link en mi blog.
Besitos y me encanto tu blog

Beautiful Mommy Princess said...

Lovely! Please include me too. You are talented.

Lisa said...

wow what beautiful prizes. congratulations on your 100th post

Eva-Maria said...

How FUN! I will put your giveaway on my blog....
Congratulations on your 100th post.
Hugs Eva

Daisy Jayne said...

Wow great prizes!! Fabrics look wonderful! As are the little bags. Thanks for the link to the tutorial on them! Kim from littlebusybee inspired my to check out your blog .......I be back (lol)

Carol R said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. Great giveaways - please enter me into the draws.

Einschies stitching blog said...

Wow what a wonderful blog you have...and I can´t believe there are more than 400 comments on this*lol* please count me in to get a very little chance to win one of your prizes;-))


maria said...

love to enter competion the just found iut on a friends blog

María Isabel said...

I love the giveaway. congratulations

Lapplisor said...

I also go past, in order to congratulate.
" I help you gladly" - to break your record :-)
Your gifts are so nice! ♥☼♥Barbara♥☼♥

Idaho Quilter said...

Red is my favorite, please enter my name in your drawing.

Tina said...

Too cute. I would love any of the upbove.

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

As many as have commented, I know I don't stand a chance, but I thought I would try. Those are darling, and chocolate? How could I not enter.

Stacey said...

cute bags!! congrats on the 100th post.

Luenetraum said...

Beautiful prizes!!! the fabric is gorgeous.
congrats on 100 posts.
Greetings from Germany

BurningRubber said...

Wowzers!Please add me to your giveaway :)

Liz said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! What a fabulous giveaway!. please include me!!! My Blog is
thank you .
Kapricho Bijou
from Zaragoza- España.

Blanje Bleu said...

Gongratulations on your 100th post, please include me in your lovely giveaway. I love your blog!
Greetings from Holland,
Blanje Bleu

Ravenhill said...

Fabulous! You are so clever! What beautiful shots of your lovely handmades! I came here via Suzie's Little Busy Bee blog. I would be so thrilled to win!

The Other Barb said...

probably to late to make the give-away but thought I'd get in on the 100th post . Happy 100th!
I got to your blog while looking at Karen's.

Shannon said...

I love the red and pink together. The mini purse is to die for! Too cute!


Oma said...

You are giving away such neat stuff!! I hope that I win because my husband is not so good about Valentine's so this may be my only chance-LOL

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Apparently I'm not the only one that would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this giveaway!
I would also like to post this on my blog; I'll send you an email when I do. Gotta run (my real job calls).

Flutterby Angel said...

I have obviously found you too late for the give away....but I would like to congratulate you on your 100th post!
What a great give away gift too and so beautifully presented!
I am having a lovely time cruising around blogsville as I like to do when I have a few spare minutes.
Love your blog too by the way....I am off to have a read of some of your older posts. Have fun and tske care.....Vanessa

Jutta said...

Hi Kim,
oh, what a wonderfull Give away. I love red !!!!
Please put me in, I show your great idea on my blog,
hugs from Germany, Jutta

Fee said...

Congratulation to your blog. I like to read here and the give-away looks great.


Safiro said...

Congrats! Please enter me in your darling giveaway.

Janice said...

I love the little bags. What a fun idea. I came over from Margaret (I can't remember the name of her blog) thanks. I hope I win.

Melanee said...

Melanee Peterson

Just found your website. I love it!! Can't wait to see more

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