Sunday, January 4, 2009

Horses & Fainting Goats

I thought you might enjoy this post I made on my family blog. Tracy is who I made the quilt "Kisses for Cade" Quilt for and you can see it here.

Yesterday, we went out to visit Tracy, Kenna's Horse Teacher at the Barn where she works. It's a lot of fun and this time we took Mark with us. We got to help Tracy finish feeding the horses and then we went to visit the new tennants. They have four fainting goats. It's called Myotonia Congenita and you can read about it here if you're interested. It was so funny to watch them. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. So, I looked it up on google and found this fun video on YOU TUBE for you to watch.

I've also included some pictures that I took yesterday and the time Kenna and I went out there about a month ago. We really had a good time and Mark got to ride on Tash too!

Tracy and Kenna holding Tash (he's an Arabian).

Tracy is one SPECIAL Lady! We Love her!

Tracy caught the baby goat who is just a few weeks old. Look at the Momma goat looking a bit concerned. She would stand close and bleat to make sure her baby was okay.

This horses name is Handsome. He's a National Jumping Champion. He's also very tall even though you don't get a very good feel for his height in this picture and he's over 18 hands high.

Tracy is around 5 ft. tall.

Kenna got to hold the baby goat.

Momma Goat and Baby Goat.

Here we are posing by the hay we were giving to each horse.

Kenna & her brother, Mark.

You should have seen Kenna get all nervous when her brother got to ride on the horse. She wasn't so sure that he would be okay. She wondered if he could even ride a horse. But, he assured her that he'd be okay and that he'd been on a horse a few times in his life (scout trips).


clare said...

Really lovely photos but those poor goats are hilarious .
Clare's Craftroom

Jo-Anne said...

Silly goats! Thanks for the giggle!
I also had to smile and Kenna getting nervous about her big brother. She is such a little cutie. It looks like it was a FUN day....the horses are beautiful.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, those poor little goats! That is pretty funny! Love the pic of Kenna holding the baby goat!

belinda said...

You have a lovely blog the 'fainting goat' video....LOL....we used to raise hundreds of cute lil lambs....your blog brought back good memories of this...daughter and I spent numerous nights in the barn for lambing!

I LOVE this kaleidoscope quilt...I MUST get one of those rulers!