Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Tools

I just wanted to share some of my favorite tools with you. Hope you enjoy this post.

I recently found these great pots at Target in their home decorating section. They're RED too!! Woohoo! I love RED! They are the perfect size and with it's big opening everything is easy to access. Love it! I bought two for me and one for a friend. You might also notice the scissor pull that's made out of fimo clay. It's a really cute miniature quilt block. It's amazing what talented fimo artists can make with clay.

I love this seam ripper. I bought it a few years ago but, I can't seem to locate the same one online. You can buy a Fons and Porter version here or at your local JoAnn's. It works really nicely in cutting your chained pieces of fabric. I use this tool quite often and I'd have to buy another one if it broke or I lost it somewhere.

Here's the Fons and Porter version.

Now this is a really really really handy cool tool. It presses open your seams when you're paper piecing or just need to do a quickie press. The wooden circle rolls across your seams and it's got a really cute handmade handle. I bought it from a gentleman at the HMQS show. He also makes matching seam rippers. I'll have to buy one of the seam rippers at the next HMQS show that's coming in May, I think! I have his phone number if any of you are interested. I don't think he has a website or anything like that. Just let me know and I'll email it to you.

This is one of my favorite and most used scrapbooking tools.

It's a Scotch ATG 700 Tape Gun. The tape rolls come with 36 yards of 1/2" double-sided adhesive transfer tape. When I first saw this tape gun I was so excited as I added up the amount of "Tombo" tape guns I would have to use to add up to the 36 yards of tape used in just one roll of tape.

In the scrapbook store the gun alone cost $70 but I knew that I could find it cheaper on the internet and sure enough I got it for $35.95. The tape rolls were $11 each at the scrapbook store and I got a case of 12 rolls for $46.44 that's just $3.87 a roll and if you divide that number by 36 yards, that's just over .10 cents a yard. Hard to believe the savings. It's been a great investment.

I bought it from A-PAK Manufacturing Inc. about a year and a half ago. I just checked and it's gone up to $41.60 for the tape gun. That's not too bad of an increase over time.


Laurie said...

Kim, thanks for all the great info! I love the seam ripper, and the tape gun is great. I don't know what fimo is, I'll have to look through some blogs. As always, look forward to your posts!

Sox said...

me likes the seam roller. I would be interested if the price was right, and since I am not in UT, I know I won't be at the show. Send me some more info if you can. My email is on my site. Thanks

Fiesta said...

you have the neatest gadgets and holders.

Material Mary said...

Kim I do believe you are going to bring me into the 21st century with all these great tips and ideas. You are wonderful at this kind of thing. I am interested in the roller/press thing for quick presses. My email is Thanks so much for this great information.

Shari said...

Thanks Kim. It's always good to see what other people use. And I have a lot of boxes and tins and cups and assorted little containers too - I'm totally addicted and sadly I have the stuff to put in them...

Patricia said...

Let's see, your birthday is in December; anniversary is in November, so I"m going to say that you've had 10,000 visitors! Hope, hope, hope I'm right. Congratulations on a darling blog. Love Tricia

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Ok maybe YOU should be the one doing gadget girl at our quilt group meetings. These are fabulous ideas. And believe it or not I've not seen any of them. I sometimes feel like I cave dwell when it comes to tools.