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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ribbon Flower Tutorial & Wedding Pictures

Life has been crazy around here since getting home from New Zealand and I still need to do a few vacation posts and show you pictures of our adventures along with pictures from two quilt shops that I was able to visit but in the meantime I have a tutorial for you. You can see the post I did HERE about making my daughter's bridal bouquet.

  • 1 yard 3/4" Chevron Twill Tape from Kari Me Away
  • 1 Decorative Button
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Small Ruler
  • 7 Straight Pins

1. Begin by cutting 7 strips measuring 5" in length.

2. Align the ribbon next to your ruler and insert a pin at the 2 3/4" mark on the ruler.

3. Fold each end in toward the 2 3/4" measurement and secure with two pins.

4. Fold the shorter end toward the larger end and secure with a pin. Repeat this process for the remaining 6 ribbon strips. This will create the petals for the flower.

5. Thread needle with quilting thread (it's stronger) and knot the end. Insert the needle and using a running stitch go in and out twice. Refer to picture below.

6. Repeat this process for the remaining 6 ribbon petals. Stringing them onto the quilting thread one at a time as seen in the picture below.

7. To Connect the flowers insert the needle into the first ribbon where you started.

8. Pull thread to gather the petals. Continue to sew around the back of the flower stitching from petal to petal to secure the flower. Knot the end of your thread but don't cut it off. You will bring it to the front to sew on the button.

9. Turn the flower over and stitch on the button. Tie off the thread and cut the end.

Now that you've made a flower you may be asking what to do with it. Well, here are a few suggestions, you can sew it on a pin back to attach to any item like a purse, an apron, or a blouse. You can also glue the flower to a headband or hair clip. You can also do what I did and make a handmade bridal bouquet with all sorts of ribbon flowers.

Here are a few pictures of the happy couple and the bridal bouquet.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Projects-Bridal Bouquet

I'm sure someone has been missing me and I wanted to check in before we fly out to New Zealand this evening for my daughter's wedding. About a year ago she met a young man and fell in love. The wedding is June 1st in the Hamilton New Zealand LDS Temple. We will enjoy meeting up with family and friends as we celebrate this joyous moment for Chip and Ariel. They have waited a long time for this day to come.

My daughter's favorite color is RED. . . go figure. . . she must be her mother's daughter. . . lol. Well, Ariel know's how crafty her mother is and she asked me to make her bridal bouquet out of handmade flowers. Well, I just so happen to have a PINTEREST board of fabulous flowers. Some of which I modeled my flowers after.

I will be doing a tutorial on the Ribbon Daisy Flowers that you see in the bouquet. They are the flowers with the red or glass buttons for the centers.

I made Organza Flowers, Organza Roses, Wool Felt Flowers, Ric Rac Flowers, and Ric Rac Roses.

I also made a visit to Hobby Lobby to buy a few fillers like tulle and pearl picks. I also made a few other pics using vintage pearl flowers and red jewels that I also found at the store.

I love how it turned out and can't believe how pretty it is.

Ariel loves it and the bouquet will look darling with her Vintage Wedding Dress that she found while shopping at a Vintage Shop in Seattle Washington.

I thought you'd like a closer look.

Here's a picture of the soon to be wed couple!

I know it's a more serious look but they had a 10 minute photo shoot in New Zealand while she was there for 10 days and they only got a few pictures together. They couldn't  do retakes because she was leaving the next day!! You will bet that I will be taking TONS of pictures at the wedding. I will be so annoying that it will drive them crazy~!! But, they will be so grateful in the end.

Chip and Ariel

Here's a picture that was taken at the Bridal Shower.
(L to R) Ariel, Me, Eileen, Susan

Thanks Eileen, Susan, Lorie, Meg, and Denise for a beautiful Bridal Shower!

Well, I'm off!!! My last day of school was yesterday and I am sooo READY for some time away. Once the wedding is over we will have two more weeks to travel around and enjoy our time together. I wish we could take all of our family but just 3 of us are going. Myself, my husband, and my youngest daughter, McKenna. She's really excited but really nervous about the long flight and being away from her home, her family. her cat, and her friends. I keep reminding her that I'm going with her and that we will have the time of our lives, and it will be a great experience for her. I know her older sister would go in a heartbeat but she just had a baby two weeks ago. I will take lots of pictures and share them with you when I get back.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!