Monday, March 2, 2009

Quilt Retreat Part 1

Well, I'm back! The weekend came and went with birthday parties, church, and recovering from all of the fun at the quilt retreat. I can't say I accomplished very much but, I did have a whole LOT of fun with Friends and new found friends. It was well worth the time and effort to get there. Oh, and EVERYONE loved the little bags. Amy had filled them with chocolate, a mini charm pack, and a fat quarter of fabric. Now, who wouldn't love that?

I have a lot of pictures that I took of quilts but I lost 97 pictures due to problems with my SD memory card. I was a bit sad about that but there isn't anything I can do about it now, there gone, so sad! There were LOTS and LOTS of gorgeous quilts there. I will post some more of the quilts over the next few days. I'd like to spread the inspiration around and then I'll also have more time to post it all too!

L to R: Kim, Rae Ann, Diana, Susann
We are standing in front of Rae Ann's Triple Irish Chain.
Click on the picture to get a closer look.

Here are some other views of Rae Ann's Quilt.

I loved this quilt so much that I made one when Rae Ann did but mine isn't finished quite yet. I just need to put the border on and then get it quilted. I should do that, shouldn't I?


Jana said...

Stunning quilt! Where was the retreat? I'm just over in the next state but I am missing all the fun!

Barb said...

Sorry about your camera, can be frustrating but you took it well. I love seeing the quilts and will look forward to seeing more. so that is what you made all those bags for...... you sure put alot of work into them and I know the ladies and/or men loved them.

Gayle said...

Kim - That's such a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to hear more about your fun retreat!

Amanda said...

I'm glad you had fun on your retreat. Little treat bags are so fun to receive. I'm so glad they loved them after all the hard, but fun work.

That's terrible about your photos! That has happened to me before.

Rae Ann's quilt is gorgeous! Yes, you should make yours! Right now! :)

Mary's Cottage Quilts said...

Hey, I was there too! I loved it! I thought Amy did a great job
Sorry if I posted this twice, my computer doesn't like me today

Cindy said...

Look forward to the photos you were fortunate enough to save.

Fiesta said...

Kim thank you for sharing the pictures of your retreat.
The first quilt shown is oon my future to do list.

Nedra said...

Tell us who hosted your retreat and where it was located. It sounds like you had a great time!

Material Mary said...

Now Kim, this Irish chain quilt speaks my language. I love the real scrappy reproduction quilts be it Civil War or Depression. Love it love it love it. Can't wait to see yours done. Glad you lived through all the hard work you put in for the retreat.


Shari said...

What a gorgeous quilt. Keeping the traditional quilt alive and very well done!

Glad the retreat went well. I adore mine. I go twice a year. I usually need about a week to catch up on my sleep!


Mimi said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at your retreat.

I've never been on a retreat, someday I hope to do that.

Thanks for the pictures, so sorry about your camera. Your attitude is sense crying over spilt they say.

The triple Irish chain looks HUGE! It's beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your fun with us.


Lori Holt said...

Hi Kim-
I'm glad you had a great time. So sorry about the pictures though...
Rae Ann's quilt is GORGEOUS and yes you should finish yours immediatly! I can't wait to see it when you do:)

Thimbleanna said...

RaeAnn's quilt is fabulous! I love that pattern and I love the colors she chose. I have an antique one that is pink and green. Thanks for the inspiration -- I'd love to make one of my own.

Sorry about your memory card. All those quilts will just have to live in your real memory -- and hopefully you won't blow a fuse LOL!

Suzie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time there! The Irish Chain Quilt is fabulous, I love her hand quilting, just beautiful! Sorry to hear about the memory card, but I hope you still have some photos left to show us!

Jo-Anne said...

Very beautiful quilt....yes, yes, hurry and get yours finished! :)
So sorry to hear about your losing all those photos.
Happy day~~

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh my gosh you guys had fun together. Rae Ann is a doll. Love her. And this quilt is amazing.