Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Had No Idea!

Thank You Ladies for all of your comments on my post about the cost of fabric. I had no idea that fabric could be sooo expensive! You must all think I was whining. Well, I was just a bit but, that won't stop me from buying fabric any time soon. It may slow me down a bitty bit and cause me to think twice about needing it or wanting it but, I love fabric too much to totally stop buying some of the great fabric that we see coming to our local quilt shops.

I have great admiration for those of you who have to pay nearly $20.00 a yard and in some places more than that. You are truly committed to your craft! Your comments give me a greater appreciation for what I have and I wanted to thank you for that! Let's hope that the cost of fabric doesn't get so expensive that we can't afford it anymore. Keep quilting and inspiring each other!


Thimbleanna said...

Boy, you sure stirred the pot on that one LOL! I had a big eye-opener when I went to the UK last year -- those poor girls really are dedicated to sewing and quilting -- it's awfully pricey there!

Comfort Cove Designs said...

I find it expensive to purchase fabrics around my parts too. Lately I go to www.connectingthreads.com and www.thousandsofbolts.com Great fabrics and fabulous prices!!!

Quiltingly Yours

Cindy said...

I remember the days when Hubby and I "waited" until payday to be able to get that gallon of milk for the kids for the weekend.

And - I saved all the old, out-grown, sometimes worn-out, clothes to recycle into new garments.

What's funny - is NOW I LOVE doing that all over again...recycling the old into new. I literally have been saving and cutting up old Jeans (without any spandex in them) for several years. I have them cut up into two different size squares...just waiting til the day when they'll become quilts. It's AMAZing to see how many shades of denim there are.

iappearjiggy said...

If fabric gets so expensive...! Already I am doing what I learned many years ago from my very creative grandmother: use what you have. Recently I "re-fashioned" a liz claiborne cotton skirt no longer in use. It now serves as an apron. The next day I tore into the crates of jeans stored away to become picnic quilts in their next life. If I ever run out of cuts of fabric, I will start in on my clothes! Or, the tablecloths, or the drapes just so long as I am creating. snip, snip!

lesthook said...

I have been collecting fabric for 20 years,LOL! I once bought so much at an estate auction(quilter going into nursing home) that I barely had room for me in the car! It went cheap cause everyone else was after her completed quilts.I haven't bought any new since last summer. But some of that new moda is so tempting!!