Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day Three Winner

Wouldn't you love to have one of these?
You've got to visit here to have a look.

Many Thanks to all of my bloggy friends that brought me presents. I absolutely loved every one of them. I was so touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity. You were all so creative and I really wish the gifts were real but, we know that it's the thought that counts the most! Thank you!

Here are 10 of my favorite gifts that were in the running for 1st place:
  • Pat said, Okay...here's my present for you.....a happy helper who will work on each project with you and will do the parts that you find a bother. Don't like to measure out and cut the fabrics? No problem...she'll do it for you. Don't like to do the binding? She would love to do THAT for you, too. With her help, you only have to do the parts you find FUN!
  • Kathy said, I am bringing you a friend that is going to do your housework and laundry for an entire day so you can do nothing but sew, sew, sew. If she gets all this done, she said she would even help you by pressing for you while you sew.
  • Sherri said, So here is my virtual present...one I'd like to have as well...it would be the ability to just snap your fingers and have any fabric you wanted or needed appear...just like that...so anytime you see something on-line or on a blog...there it is right at your fingertips!
  • Heather said, I would give you a special sewing machine needle that would never get dull, go through anything and never bend! I would give you a rotary cutter that would never dull, no matter how many layers you cut through. How about a pair a scissors that never needs sharpening!! And the gift of time! Time will slow down and let you get done all that you need/want to get done (epecially for all of us) Happy B-day!
  • Trisha said, I would bring a stop watch, to allow you to slow down or stop time so you could finish up a WIP or new project that keeps getting pushed to the back burner, waiting for a quiet day to finish it up.
  • Joanna said, I would bring you a personal chef and cleaning lady so that you could spend all your time quilting instead of cooking and cleaning! At least, that's what I would love :)
  • Thimbleanna said, I'll be bringing a party in a box. All decorations in red, white and black of course. A big Happy Birthday banner, streamers, a few fresh flower bouquets for the tables, bowls of m&m's and peanuts, a brie wheel appetizer, little bitty bags with mini squares all neatly tied inside for giveaways for all the guests (I've learned from the master LOL) and of course, my Mom's best ever three layer chocolate birthday cake. (Oooh, and I won't forget the ice cream!
  • Cynthia said, I love going to parties. The gift I would bring for you is something I would love. A featherweight sewing machine. OOOOOOOhhhhh, lucky!
  • Sara said, Ah, my gift to you....1 very skilled, on call 24-hour cleaner our rooms/massager of sore muscles (from all that time you'll be able to spend sewing)/tamer of chaos helper bee. Not only will she/he keep you tidy and your muscles relaxed, he/she will financially support your sewing addicition and run all necessary sewing errands.
  • Lori said, Since I am a vintage kind of girl, I would bring you a featherweight that has been custom painted RED just for you! Then I would probably bring my Hello Dollys and lemon squares in a really cute vintage pyrex dish, covered with an embroidered dishtowel. I would bring my apron collection for everyone to wear and we would all get a group photo to remember the fun we had at your virtual party!!! OMG that would be sooooo fun:)
It was soooo hard to pick a winner from all of the lovely gifts that you all gave me. But, if you know me you know that the RED Featherweight was the gift that snatched my heart. I've always wanted a featherweight and a RED one just makes me all giddy inside. I've seen RED one's on EBAY and drooled all over it. Here's a company that custom paints featherweights.

So, LORI my friend, you are the winner!!!
Thanks for the RED Featherweight.
I absolutely ADORE it!

I hope you each know that I'd give ALL of you something if I had the time and the money to do so. I do plan on leaving a virtual party favor for all of you at the end of the party so, keep an eye out for that. Some of you have already guessed and hinted and hoped for it. You'll just have to wait for it.

Thanks again everyone for all of the wonderful gifts. I loved every one of them!!!

I'm a bit behind on my next post and giveaway so it might be pretty late tonight before I get it done. I'm making something fun and then I'll have to take pictures and then do a post. So check back a little later tonight and if you have me on google reader or you're one of my followers you'll know before everyone else. I must get to work but, first I have to take Kenna to her cousins for the rest of the evening.


Pat said...

Congratulations to Lori. Hey...neat that I made the list of top ten virtual gifts!!! :) If I'm not up late enough tonight to see the next part of the party (due to the time difference between here and there), I'll check first thing in the a.m. This is such FUN!

Kathy said...

Wow! You received some really nice gifts. This was really fun! I am having a blast at your party.

Congratulations Lori on your winning!!!

Lori Holt said...

I can't believe I just won!!!!!!
Thank You-Thank You-Thank You
You are tooooooooo Kind:)
YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE and all that good stuff.
Can you tell I'm happy........
Thanks a BUNCH,

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

my gosh kim I've missed so much lately, my reader is stuffed full. I'm glad I made it here while you're celebrating. What sweet sweet things your friends wish for you. I love this idea. I'm with you on the red color.

Sherri said...

Congrats to the winner...it was sure fun reading the top 10 virtual gifts!!!

Pat said...

Congrats to Lori!!

Dayna said...

Loved reading about all your "gifts". I also checked out the painted featherweights. That Amethyst one is awesome. Too bad it is already sold!

Tozz said...

Congrats Lori on winning....isnt this party just the best?? Isnt Kim just the best?? Thanks for a wonderful party Kim and I look forward to reading about the next lot of winners. :)

CJ said...

That is one purdy red sewing machine!

Fiesta said...

what a wonderful gift. Shiny and red just like you like them.

Cindy said...

Oh, how I'd love a Featherweight one day - and a treadle too! Tell me how you like it, Kim...LOL

Don't forget to sleep.

And, Kim, thank you - the more I read your blog and get to know a piece of you - I see such a kind-hearted individual.


Amanda said...

Congratulations to Lori!

I love the red featherweight. I might have to get mine painted. Thanks for the link!

Yes, you got lots of nice presents. You deserve them all!

Dawn said...

I'm so behind!! But I saw someone at my quilt reatreat who painted her featherweight purple!! It was so cool!

Carol said...

A friend of mine had him do her featherweight and he did a fantastic job...she has a beautiful red featherweight now!

Thimbleanna said...

AYKM???? We're going to get the party fav we've been wishing for???? OhMyGosh! I'm SOOOO excited -- Holy Cow! I've got to get off of here and get my guest room ready for you!!!!