Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kisses for Cade is Done!

Today I finished putting on the binding and the quilt label on "Kisses for Cade." Don't look too closely because I had to machine bind the quilt and also sew on the label by machine. I didn't have ANY time left before Tracy arrived and I was still sewing on the label when she rang the doorbell this afternoon. What a crazy day for me!! I'm leaving out of town tomorrow and as of this very minute I have one more quilt to bind for the wedding I'm attending on Saturday. If I can at least sew on the binding I can hand sew it while I'm flying.

Just a bit of insight. I have learned two very important words in my older age and that's "OH WELL" Sometimes you just have to let go of the little details even though it killed me to send it off like that. I'm a real believer in hand sewing the binding and the label but, OH WELL!!! Tracy didn't care, she loved it and just sobbed and sobbed and looked at it in awe!! Her expression was wonderful to see! I told her I was making her something special but I wouldn't tell her what it was I just warned her that she was going to cry. I just didn't expect her to sob!!! It was very sweet and very touching. I'd give away all of my quilts if everyone reacted with such love and gratitude, it made me CRY! Even my daughter Kenna was crying she was so happy that her teacher was happy!

Kenna's Teacher Tracy. She just had hand surgery on Monday.

Here's the quilt. As seen in the previous post, In case you're wondering I used the block layout where the red squares kiss each other.

Here's a close-up of the label I made for the quilt.

Another picture of the quilt!


Jo-Anne said...

this is beautiful, Kim.
What a lovely and generous gift.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Kim! What a wonderful gift. And it sounds like the gift-giving made it all worth it!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Well good for you. Yep, sometimes its ok to go outside our comfort zone. Its done!!! I was gone for quilt group last time, did you go?