Monday, May 9, 2011

Off to Market I Go

I know many of you have had the Quilt Market Experience before but, for me, this is my first and I'm super excited to be going. You will want to click on the Market Button on my side bar that Monica of Happy Zombie made for Pam Kitty Morning so that you can keep up with the happenings at Quilt Market.

Many of you know that I've been doing design work for Moda's Bake Shop for the last 2 years and over a year ago I was asked to participate in Moda's first Bake Shop Book for Stash Books by C&T Publishing. That was an awesome experience making a couple projects for the book. Even I haven't seen all of the projects in the book so I am looking forward to seeing the book in print.

For those that will be at Quilt Market on Thursday, I just wanted to let you know that I will be debuting my project in the book along with some of the other Chef's at Moda's Schoolhouse on Thursday, May 12th in Room 255B, it starts at 11:30am and ends at 12:00 Noon. All the CHEFS in the book that are able to come will be there. Come join in the fun as "Fresh Fabric Treats" is introduced to the world.

Can you guess which project is mine?
Check back soon for the "BIG REVEAL" and a GIVEAWAY!

I also have a little gift for the first 10 people that find me at Quilt Market and tell me the CODE WORD. Since my family is from New Zealand I thought I would make the Code word a New Zealand Greeting. Here's the Code Word "Kia Ora" (pronounced "kee-or-a").

Simply find me and say "Kia Ora" Yes! It's that simple. I'm hoping to run into many of you. I won't be tied to a booth so, I will be roaming about the room and visiting with friends that have their own booths. Now, if you need any help or if you need someone to stand in for you so you can take a break to use the restroom or get a bite to eat just let me know and I'll try to help.

Here's the online definition of Kia Ora:
interjection (N.Z.) hello, hi (informal), greetings, gidday or g'day (Austral. & N.Z.), how do you do?, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, welcome a postcard bearing the caption `Kia-Ora: Greetings from Maoriland'
also: sentence substitute NZ greetings! good luck! [Maori, literally BE WELL!]

I will also be at the Quilt Blogger's Meet-Up on Saturday Night, May 14th at the Blue Lemon. I hope you have your ticket and don't forget to bring it with you.

I will also be at two other functions on Thursday Night and Friday Night.



Vicki ♥ said...

Have a great time Kim and wish I was going too. I think the one in the top left hand corner...the cute bag with buttons down the front is what you made. They are all fabulous and it was really hard to think what one was yours. Hugs Vicki

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun book to have, must keep an eye out for it here in Australia.
I think you made either of the bags.

Have fun at the Market.

a little bit biased said...

Oh Kim, I am so glad you are going and debuting your fun, new project. I think it's the cute Sweatwater bag, but that's just a guess! Anyways, I am so sorry I wasn't able to get a ticket for you (I had to cut my mom off too, because my costs were just adding up so much I couldn't afford to get a ticket for her!) I hope we will run into each other though! I haven't seen you for a while and hope you're doing well. Take care and I'll see you later this week (I'm going to the bloggers meet-up too!)


Cathie said...

Have a blast Kim! This is my first market too. I can't wait to see all of the booths and patterns and fabrics. Hope to see you there. Let me know if you stumble upon any "gottahaves"

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Congratulations and have a wonderful time at Market!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Well I would guess one of the bags is yours. My first thought is the smaller one that looks like a shirt. Clever. The big bag is great too and so practical. fun projects Kim.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hope I find you at Market and I remember the code word. I'm sure I will mess it up but I'll try to remember.

happy zombie said...

I can not wait to see you!!! And thank you for your offer and I want to take you up on it! I WOULD LOVE THAT WITH YOU! Emailing you in a bit, k. xxoo!

Madame Samm said...

Here is to a new year for you my your quilts...if ever you want to do a tut at stashmanicure I am sure the ladies would just relish you to bits..