Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Day of Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful day of Thanksgiving with Friends and Family. I thought I'd just share our day with you through pictures so you could feel part of our Thanksgiving Day.

Welcome to Our Home.
Come on in and enjoy a bit of our day together with family.

My sister Leah and her husband Eddie.

My sister asked me to take a family picture. Here it is.

This is a picture of my niece Ashleigh holding Kora Belle (my grandaughter), Kenna (my youngest daughter), and Mark (my oldest son).

Ashleigh, Kora, and Emma (my niece).

Kora Belle with Shelby (my niece). They all loved playing with Kora.

Leah ( my sister) with her youngest son, William.

Jason, Janice, and Courtney.
This is my Brother Tim's family (he had to work).

Ben (grandson) going through a tunnel. He loves tunnels.

The head pilgrim and his wife in the kitchen.

Most of the girls that were at the party.
Eddie's sister, Tammy and her daughter Brianna joined our family this year. They have a yearly invitation to our Thanksgiving dinner. Their Mother, LaJoy passed away not too long ago.

This is the BEST apple pie ever!!!
My sister makes these for our family every year!!!
She also makes awesome ROLLS!
Natalie made our family's favorite spinach salad and Janice brought pumpkin pie.

I am so grateful for all of you, my blogging friends! Have a great holiday season.

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