Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is my Husband's 52nd birthday and I wanted him to know how MUCH I LOVE him!!!

HaPPy BiRthDaY MaRk!!!

1. Mark is the oldest of 4 children.
2. Mark was a H.S. Star Football Quarterback. He was in it for the Game not the glory!

3. Mark has NEVER been to ONE of his High School Reunions.
4. Mark is claustrophobic.
5. Mark doesn't like big crowds.
6. Mark loves old fashioned doughnuts.
7. Mark learned to play the accordian as a kid and looks great in a suit too!

8. Mark loves Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese & Thai Food.
9. Mark hates BEETS!
10. Mark served an LDS mission in San Jose Costa Rica, Panama, & Honduras.

11. Mark graduated from BYU with his bachelor's degree.
12. Mark taught Spanish/ESL in High School for 3 years.
13. Mark went back to school for his Master's Degree at the age of 32.
14. Mark graduated from SJSU with a degree in Instructional Technology.
15. Mark loved playing baseball when he was younger.

16. Mark threw the first touchdown in the new Tak Fudena Stadium in Fremont.
17. Mark joined the church when he was 20.
18. Mark was a chubby baby.

19. Mark is loyal.
20. Mark is kind.
21. Mark is a great cook.
22. Mark is a problem solver.
23. Mark is a great listener.
24. Mark is a great husband.
25. Mark worked at the MTC before and after we were married.

26. Mark has run in the Deseret News Marathon.
27. Mark has green eyes.
28. Mark wears a size 10.5 men's shoe.
29. Mark is a neat freak.
30. Mark has one boy and 3 girls.
31. Mark was 51 years old just yesterday!
32. Mark has two grandchildren.
33. Mark finally put some paint on the walls!
34. Mark bought his wife a really cool camera and iMac!
35. Mark takes good care of his wife!
36. Mark watched tooooo much politics during the election!
37. Mark loves to play golf with his son!
38. Mark helps me clean the house!
39. Mark doesn't mind washing dishes!
40. Mark works from home.
41. Mark is an inspiration and support to me!
42. Mark loves to help others!
43. Mark calls his parents every week.
44. Mark is a great school guidance counselor to his kids.
45. Mark had pigeons growing up.
46. Mark loves to play tennis.
47. Mark loves to take his wife out on date night.
48. Mark doesn't have a favorite color. He likes them ALL!
49. Mark loves Rootbeer Freezes.
50. Mark likes to pour milk over his bowl of Rocky Road Ice Cream.
51. Mark loves to play jokes on his kids.

52. It's Mark's 52nd Birthday ToDaY!

HaPpY BiRthDAy HoNeY! We LoVe YoU!


Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday Mark!!! You sound like a sweetheart. But, milk on RRIceCream??? Is this an acquired taste?

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, Mark! That's a pretty impressive list. My guy, Jim is 60 today.

Lily Boot said...

well Mark's a treasure! wishing you a lovely birthday :-)