Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Projects-Button Art

I thought it would be fun to post projects that I sometimes make on my Saturdays off. It may not post things every Saturday but, I do what I can. I have another project to post next week and probably the week after that too. I thought that I'd call it something simple like. . . Saturday Projects! I know, I know. . . very original, lol. . . but it works for me.

This weeks Saturday Project from a few weeks ago is one I did for my daughter's newly painted and carpeted room. Her room is next door to my new sewing room so she also benefitted from the flood.

When she saw the button letter that I made for my room she begged me to make a blue one for her room. For those that are on PINTEREST this is nothing new. It's actually been a popular PIN on PINTEREST and I've seen a lot of versions along my pinning path. So, here's my version of the Button Art Letter.

For those that have a name that starts with the letter K. . . you will be very happy to know that you are welcome to pin any of the K's in this post. You have my blessing. . . PIN AWAY!!!

Steps for Making Your Own Button Art Letter:
  • Buy an 8"x 10" or a 5" x 7" Picture Frame.
  • Pick a Font. I used Adobe Garamond Pro Bold.
  • Enlarge the letter in a word processing program to fit within the size picture frame opening. I like to BOLD the letter to make it thick and chunky. Print your letter on plain printer paper.
  • Use a light box and lay your printed letter on top of the light box. Then center a piece of blank Bazzill or cardstock (that has been cut to the size of your frame) on top of the printed letter. Tape edges of the paper so it doesn't slip or slide.
  • Now comes the fun part. . . pour out your buttons and pick and choose what size, shape, and color you want to use. I also used self-sticking gems and pearls from the scrapbooking section of the craft store to fill in the blank spots.
  • Place your buttons within the lines of the letter a few at a time to preview how the buttons look. When you're happy with their position pick up one button at a time and use glue dots to stick them in place, that way they are easier to (gently) pull off and reposition.
  • Continue the process until all your buttons are in place.
  • Finish by putting your button art in the frame.

Here's a closer look.

Display your Button Art in your favorite spot.
My daughter's frame sits on the bookcase by her bed.

I hope you enjoyed this Saturday Project.

Great Question from Diane E W:
Do you use the glass from the frame?

The Answer:
No, you don't use the glass.
It won't fit over the buttons and fit in the frame at the same time.

Also, here is a great LINK to buy buttons in bulk. It's called Buttons Galore & More. I've bought their buttons several times and I've been really happy with their service and the choice of button colors and shapes, etc. Go check out their website you will see lots of great buttons.


Cath said...

That is really pretty....I am sure I can find a pretty 'C' somewhere!

@ Bits 'n Bobs

Diane E W said...

This is so cute. I don't pin so I've never seen it. I did see something similar, on someones blog, made with crayons. But I really like this too. I was trying to come up with teacher presents for school year end, might have found it. My son has so many teachers that I can't spend a great deal on them. Maybe a stupid question but do you use the glass or not?

Shontelle said...

I love your button art Kim. I have also got this one pinned in my to do pinboard!

Liz said...

Very cute. I think my daughter may need one...

Ashlymcc said...

Hi where did you purchase your picture frame from?

Ashlymcc said...

Hi love your project, where did you purchase the frame from?