Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Projects-Bike Basket

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday and it actually SNOWED most of the day. She was kind of bummed out by that, but TODAY. . . I think Spring has finally come to our neck of the woods as evidenced from the daffodils in my neighbors garden.

All my daughter wanted for her birthday besides a few spring/summer clothes is a new bike. She loves to bike with her friends and the summers are spent riding about and enjoying the lazy days of summer. She's always wanted a basket on her bike and we found this smart duo at a local bike shop. The only thing missing thing was a basket liner which I made this morning.

Isn't it just adorable?

The fabric we actually found at IKEA and the blue fleece was a blanket (also from IKEA) that cost a mere $2.49. We were super excited and bought 2 yards of the floral print that cost $3.99 a yard. What a deal!!! My daughter's friend has the same bike in a different color and I just measured the basket liner that she bought with her bike.

I started cutting and sewing soon after I got up this morning. I couldn't believe how quickly it sewed up. I love how it turned out. I may have to make a few more, they're just so cute!

This is our cat Sneakers. He just turned one year old in March and he was our daughters birthday present last year. Since he's an indoor cat he can only go outside on a harness and with some supervision. He's a special breed of cat that you wouldn't want to lose. Anyway, he loved sitting in the basket and going for a bike ride and my daughter was in heaven. We tied his leash attached to the harness to the handle bars so he wouldn't jump out but, we didn't have to worry as he sat there perfectly and sniffed the fresh air and soaked in the sunshine. He LOVED it!!!

Here they are riding around the neighborhood.
They are so happy to be outside on this glorious spring day.

Stopping for a little snuggle.

I love how his paw is hanging out of the basket.

Hope your Saturday Projects are as fun as ours.

Now I'm headed out to do my Easter Shopping.


Cath said...

what a beautiful story! I am still smiling at the cat in the basket! Happy birthday to your daughter
@ Bits 'n Bobs

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! Her bike is so wonderful as well as the basket with the pretty liner made by mom! Sweet pictures of the two of them going for a ride. Great post.

Amy DeCesare said...

Hilarious that the kitty actually stays in the basket for a ride! I would stay in such a pretty place, too, if I were a cat. Great post!

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun gift for your daughter! I love the basket -- I've been meaning to get a basket for my bike -- you've inspired me! I love that your cat will ride in the basket -- I'm not sure mine would be so patient!

Sue said...

A lovely post, what a pretty cat and daughter. Love the bike basket insert by the way...