Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best Fish & Chips Ever!

My daughter knows how much I love a good Fish & Chips so, when we first arrived she took us to the Fish Pot Cafe in Mission Bay. It was actually one of the first places she took us.

Well, I have to say that we are now spoiled and nothing else will ever compare. We have been back a few times since then and today we spent the afternoon eating fish my the bay. It was a beautiful day enjoying the sunshine, the beautiful views, and walking along the beach finding seashells. It's going into winter here in New Zealand but we've had more beautiful days with sunshine than days with rain.

It's been raining the past few days so it was a wonderful afternoon spent on the beach.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

In Front of our favorite Cafe in Mission Bay New Zealand.

Some pretty awesome Snapper with Wattie's Tomato Sauce. I'm in heaven.

These chips are worth the calories. I'm just glad we don't live here. lol.

The Best Snapper you'll ever eat!

The Seagulls love the fish and chips too! See the BIG Seagull...he must live there...waiting for food.

Deep fried Pineapple Rings! I've been dreaming of them since 1984. That was the last time I had them.

Kenna with her Dad in front of a new favorite place. MOVENPICK Swiss Ice Cream Parlor.

Close up look at our favorite Vanilla Brownie Ice Cream.

Kenna with her Dad sitting on the beach of Mission Bay NZ with Rangitoto in the background.

Kenna on the shore of Mission Bay NZ
Kenna loves looking for shells and found some great ones.

Enjoying time on the beach.


Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

you coming south at all??

Candice said...

Absolutely amazing and yummy too :) Enjoy every moment :)!!

Eileen said...

The pineapple ring look amazing! So glad you are having a fun trip.

Jenny said...

What a kiwi tradition fish n chips on the beach. Yum. Enjoy your stay here

Liz said...

Deep fried pineapple sounds incredible! I may have to ask my husband to make some for me.

Janet said...

Absolutely love Fish & Chips and the ice cream looked to die for. Thanks for sharing your pics!

Sherri said...

Gorgeous photos...makes me long for the ocean...and fish & chips!