Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Magnetic Button Ring Winners

I'm sorry it's taken me a couple days to pick the winners of the Magnetic Button Ring Giveaway but, I have some really great excuses!

Excuse #1
It's been a crazy few days with our Air Conditioning Unit breaking down on SUNDAY which happened to be the HOTTEST day of the year and a 3 day weekend, YIKES! I am one CRANKY mama when I'm hot. My oldest daughter tweeted. . . "The fastest way to get my family to turn on each other is to break the air conditioning. We all get angry when it's hot." It was difficult at Sunday dinner to not get on each other's nerves. The grandkids were cranky, too! It was over 80 degrees in my house (but it felt like 95) and I can barely tolerate 73 degrees. lol. I mostly hid in my basement during the day and had two fans in my room going at night to keep me cool. Of course, I had to wear earplugs to reduce the noise enough so I could fall asleep.

Excuse #2
Last minute guest arriving from California for EFY at BYU. We picked him up at the airport after dinner. It was wonderful turning on the COLD air in the car as we drove up to SLC.

Excuse #3
Yesterday, was a holiday and filled to the BRIM with family activities and fireworks. Plus I was extra HOT and CRANKY, still!

Excuse #4
This morning while my husband was finishing a conference call our internet, phone, and cable services went down for over 3 hours and it's only in the last 15 minutes that I've been able to get online and pick the winners. The temp in my house was 79 degrees and as of 11am the repairman has come and gone leaving a $500 bill for fixing the air-conditioning. Yikes again!!! Totally worth it, though!!!

SOOOO, I finally was able to pick 2 winners. One winner from Stash Manicure and One winner from my blog. Congratulations to the winners of the Magnetic Button Rings!

Stash Manicure Winner
Jen W. (no blog)

Bitty Bits Winner
Candice from Sunshine, Handmade

Thanks Everyone for your sweet comments and Thanks again to Madame Samm for inviting me to post on Stash Manicure. Hopefully, I will be back again soon with another tutorial. I better get to work. . .

Have a great day and go sew something fun!!!


Pat V. said...

I can relate to the AC thing. I was visiting my brother and his family in Las Vegas when their air conditioning went out. It was over 100 degrees, of course. I was so effected by the heat that I had them drop me off at a nearby casino, where I hung out and drank cold drinks (soda & water!) til the repairman finished at their house. I survived, but their pet goldfish didn't -- the water in the fish tank heated up so much they cooked!

Hope you are enjoying a cooler day today!

Jen W said...

Oh I'm so excited! The rings are
so very cute - and versatile too!
Thank you so much - I'd love the
red with black flower please.

Jenibelle said...

Thank you so much for helping out with the last minute guest. He loved your house and felt very at home. Of course. (He said "Mom, remember when I was little and Kim was one of my best friends? Yep. I remember!!!)

Jenibelle said...

Oh, remember when our ac went out during Lauren's wedding festivities? All those people in the house + august in Cali= misery

Thimbleanna said...

Those are as good of reasons as I've ever heard Kim. Glad you're cooling down now. We moved into a new house once on July 1st -- just like you ... a long weekend and the air hadn't been turned on yet and it was HOT. So, I feel your pain! Hope you had a Happy 4th!

Lynn B said...

Congrats to the winners Kim!