Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Things are getting busy around here with the wedding just 5 weeks from this Thursday. Most of the last two weekends have been spent designing, printing, cutting, embossing, labeling, and assembling the wedding announcements. We made our own wedding announcements. It was lots of work but we saved quite a few $$$ by doing it ourselves. The announcements will be mailed next week.

On Sunday we had our weekly family dinner. It's always a lot of fun having the kids and grandkids over to play and visit and cook together.

On Saturday I went to lunch with my quilting friends. They are very talented and it's wonderful to rub shoulders with all of them. You can visit Nedra's blog for more details on the fun we had and the gifts we exchanged. It definitely felt like Christmas. Thanks girls for the goodies and the wonderful lunch we shared. I really enjoyed getting away from my hectic life.

Kim, Lori, Nedra, and Nanette

Kim and Lori


Lori Holt said...

Hi always it was so fun getting together with you. You are such a sweet and talented friend. The wedding invitations are just beautiful:0)
Thanks again for the wonderful flower and fabric!

Pat said... us the invitation close-up. I"m sure it's wonderful! I'm glad you got a bit of a relaxing break with your friends, too.

Thimbleanna said...

Only five weeks??? Eeek! Lots of work. I loved doing the invitations and I loved that I have such a wonderful DIL that she included me on all the prep -- sounds like you have that too! I'll bet the invitations are gorgeous!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I know you are excited about the upcoming wedding. My daughter got married 3 years ago and we had the best time. Love & blessings from NC!

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

I need to email you! Life! ;o) ooxx`jod

Kara Herron said...

Kim -

It looks like you guys had fun at Flour Girls and Dough Boys - is that right? I love that place. I forgot that you have a wedding. Is it for your son or daughter? I'm thinking it's for your son. I have an idea for a wedding book if you're interested. I've done one before. It's a book full of pictures of the couple, with LOTS of room for people to sign at the wedding. It can be a beautiful keepsake for them and way funner than a signature book. I know photographers are now offering these, but I think Cherish Bound can do it WAY cheaper than a photographer. And, if you don't have time to do it yourself, I would do it for you. That's a savings of $100 on my fee. :-)
Sshhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Luv ya,

a little bit biased said...

What a fun group you get to "rub shoulders" with! I'm sure it was a fun time! Thanks for checking out my tutorial over at the MBS. Glad you liked it!