Monday, April 13, 2009

Before It's Over

Before I put things away at the end of the month I thought I'd share pictures of some of my favorite Easter & Spring Decorations. I hope all of you had a splendid Easter with your LOVED ones!!

We spent the afternoon with our family. Including my husbands brother's family and my dad. We had our Easter Egg hunt the day before with my kids and grandkids.

I love all the colors!

The green plant makes me happy and reminds me
that SPRING is coming, soon!!

These cracked glass eggs I bought several years ago at JoAnn's and they've always been my favorite decorations. They are really heavy and the colors are beautiful. Click on the picture if you want to get a closer look.

My friend Susanne gave me the lovely green potted plant.

Table decorations on the island in my kitchen.

Closer look at my my daughter's Easter basket.

This is my kitchen table with one of my favorite spring quilts along with more Easter baskets on top of the table.

Here's my dining room table.

It's been a crazy busy month so I haven't sewn or done much of anything creative other than making Retro Mama's Easter Eggs. I did get some of them made but not quite as many as I wanted too.

Here's the Easter Eggs I made.

I had grand plans of making several dozen and giving some to my family and friends but, it didn't play out and Easter came and went. I do have them ready to go next year if I can remember when Easter comes around again.

Here's a closer look!

The eggs were really fun to make but did take a itty bit of time clipping all the curves and stuffing. I stuffed them fairly tight to give them a more dense feeling.


Stephanie said...

i love your patchwork pinwheel (i'm sure it has a real name) quilt!

Lori Holt said...

Hi Kim,
I'm glad you had a nice Easter!
Well, you're ahead of me because I only got as far as cutting out the eggs. I didn't even get to stitch one! You know, deadlines and all.
Oh well, theres always next year!
I love yours and the other decorations. I hoped to see a pic of you as a girl in your Easter dress?

Nedra said...

Both you and Lori are ahead of me. I got as far as just looking at the tutorial and thinking I want to make some for next year.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thank you for sharing your Easter decorations! Everything looks so festive and comfortable.

Material Mary said...

As always, Kim you are truly an inspiration to me and I love what you make. Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

I really enjoyed seeing all your decorations and they are all SO lovely! (Do you let people EAT at the table with that quilt on there? I'd be afraid of stains getting on it!)

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute Kim -- I LOVE that pinwheel quilt -- I've been looking for a good scrap pattern -- that might have to be it!!!

quiltmom said...

I do love your beautiful glass Easter eggs- I love glass things and these are indeed gorgeous.
Your table looks gorgeous and the table quilts are very very pretty.
Thanks for sharing your lovely decor.
Happy Easter to one and all,

Carol said...

Love your pinwheel quilt...I think that one will have to go on my list. Those little chicks are as cute as they can be...

Shari said...

That's a lot of Easter decorating! Very lovely and a shame to pack it away. The glass eggs look very interesting but the fabric ones you made are my favourite...

Millie said...

Lovely Easter decorations and a beautiful scarappy pinwheel quilt. Cute basket with cloth eggs too.

Amanda said...

Everything is beautiful! I had to laugh when you said that you didn't get things made that you wanted to. It sort of reminded me of how we all felt at Christmas when time ran out and we didn't get near as much made then! I know how you feel because I didn't get all the things I wanted to make either!

I love the photos of you and your mom and the ones with your siblings. I was looking through my childhood photos and I didn't see any with an Easter basket. I was dressed up with my cousins, so I'm thinking it was probably Easter. I didn't post a photo, though, because I wasn't sure.

Thanks for sharing everything!

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha! Very clever Kim! I was too obsessed with that pinwheel quilt!

Debbie said...

I love the quilt under your baskets! You decorations look really nice too! But the quilt is darling!