Friday, September 5, 2008

JDRF Silent Auction

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I had time to make a quilt and donate it to a silent auction she was doing for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on September 6th. I hesitated but, said YES! I don't think that people really realize how long it can take to make a quilt. I started to think about my options. What should I make? Do I have anything on hand that I'm willing to part with? Giving a quilt away is sometimes like letting your children grow up and move away to College! If you know what I mean!

Anyway, I decided to give away one of my CLASS SAMPLES that I made a few years ago. It's my "Seven Strip Holiday Table Runner" it's bright, it's happy, and it's fun! I added a cute "Trick or Treat Bowl" with Halloween Candy inside along with a darling wire spider that you can't see too well and then I tied it up with cellophane, a bow, and a Halloween BOO ornament. I'm hoping it will fetch at least $50 (min. bid) for JDRF.

7 Strip Holiday Table Runner

Trick or Treat Bowl for Halloween

I taught this class for two years at Quilts Etc. It was one of their most popular and versatile beginning quilt classes. My students loved it because they could go home with a finished quilt top and some could even get as far as putting together the quilt sandwich to have ready for machine quilting when they got home. I think I've made 20 or 30 of these table runner's out of different fabric groupings and for every holiday season.

Here's my fall runner that's on my table right now.

Close-up of my Fall Table Runner

Angled view of table runner

If you're interested in the instructions for this table runner just leave me a comment and I'll post the instructions and a few more pictures.


Pat said...

I love the table runner and would love to have the directions. Thanks so much.

Thimbleanna said...

Those are VERY cute Kim! And of course, you know we would love the instructions LOL!

Catherine said...

That's a great table runner. I would also love the instructions!

Jeanne said...

What a cute package for the auction! If I was there, I'd bid. *s* I would love the instructions for the tablerunner, too. The fall runner looks so pretty on your table.

CJ said...

CUTE! I would LOVE the instructions and more photos! I think it is a great project and even I could do it. Maybe this is what I would use for my first 'machine quilting' project. I can see some of these for my kitchen table's future :D PLEASE!!!

Anita said...

Very cute and tons of different options. This would be a great stash buster. I would love the instructions!


peggy said...

VERY cute runners and a great selection of fabrics!!! I love your halloweenie one! Hope it fetches a nice $$$

I'd love to know which pattern you used.

Peggy in NJ

Jo-Anne said...

I'm INTERESTED!! I would love an easy pattern for a table runner. These are really cute!

I hope your generous donation fetched a hefty price!

Julie said...

I just came across your blog from quilting bloggers.
I am one of your students that took your seven strip table runner class! I know live in a different state but still love making the table runner for various holidays.
thanks julie

Kim said...

That is so cool Julie that you found me in blogworld. This is probably one of my favorite, easiest, and most satisfying quilts I've ever made.

It's just so much fun to take some of your favorite fabric lines and put it into a table runner. That way you can enjoy it for years.

I haven't pulled them out for a few years so it was fun to have a look at all of them. I'm going to have to make a new one when I can find the time.

Debi said...

I love your tablerunners and would love the directions. The fall colors are so inviting. I am inviting you to participate in a Fall into Fall Quilters Blog giveaway that I am hosting. Come on over and check it out.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That look is just spectacular. I've gotta go to Lehi and get me some of those birdies!

Paula said...

May I please have a copy of your table runner pattern?

Also can I copy for my quilt club?

Thanks so very much.

Kim said...

Paula the pattern is located on my sidebar just click on the words "Holiday Table Runner" under "My Designs" and it will take you right to the post where the pattern is located or go directly to the post dated 9-7-08 titled "Holiday Table Runner Pattern" located under the Blog Archive for September 2008 and YES you can share it with your quilt club. Thanks for your interest. If you wanted a printed copy of the pattern I will need an address to mail it too.