Thursday, August 7, 2008

Klutz x 4 = Pain~Pain~Pain~Pain!

It's unusual when more than one or two people in our family have to share the sympathy. But, in the past few days 4 out of the 5 people living in our home have needlessly hurt themselves. I say needlessly because it was just dumb how we got hurt. You'll understand if you read on. LOL!

Definition of Klutz: a clumsy, awkward or foolish person. I think that describes how I'm feeling.

Klutz #1- DD Kenna
While I was away in California Kenna managed to skin off a part of the top of her foot while trying out her friends Long Board. It's much like a Skateboard. Well, One foot remained on the moving Long Board while the other foot was dragging on the ground and of course, she didn't have any shoes on.

Klutz #2- DH Mark
While playing tennis with a bunch of younger guys in the neighborhood he took a dive for the ball and scraped up his knee pretty good and his backs been hurting him now too!!! It stinks getting older!!! Luckily he didn't break anything!

Klutz #3- DD Ariel
While playing night games with lots of friends Tuesday night Ariel decided to take off her shoes. They were playing kick the can. The can was plastic so that wasn't the problem. While moving toward the can she happened on something that cut the bottom of her big toe. It's still a mystery what could have sliced it open. Today she received SIX stitches on the underside of her big toe.

Klutz# 4- ME
While hurrying to the bathroom (in the dark-big mistake!) before going to bed I missed the doorway by a pinkie toe and it hit the door jam with a big whack! I heard a crack and thought, "I hope I didn't break it". I rubbed my toe and wrapped it with an ace bandage to keep it from getting more hurt while I was sleeping. When I got up Wednesday morning it was stiff, swollen, and bruised.

That morning I found out that Ariel had also hurt herself just a short time after I went to bed. When she came in to tell me I looked at her cut and thought we should go to the doctor. She called and made an appointment. After she hung up I thought maybe I should call and get an appointment too! Dr. Johnson saw both of us during that same appointment.

Results from Wednesday's Doctor appointments:
Ariel~ Six stitches. Healing: 7-10 days then remove stitches
Kim~ Broken Pinkie Toe in 2 places. Healing time: 6 weeks then retake x-rays.

I'm glad we went to the doctor's office because I know I probably wouldn't have gone if Ariel hadn't hurt herself, too! Now, I can take care of my toe more than I would have and Ariel's toe will heal faster and will be less likely to get infected.

Our New Family Rules:
  • Rule #1: Wear shoes while skateboarding!!!
  • Rule #2: Remember your NOT as young as you use to be! Even if you want to believe it!
  • Rule #3: Absolutely NO diving for tennis balls even if it's a match point!
  • Rule #4: Wear shoes while playing night games with your friends!
  • Rule #5: Bring a flashlight when playing night games; just in case!
  • Rule #6: Remember your vision is NOT what it use to be so turn on the LIGHT when going to the bathroom late at night or be more careful and don't be in a hurry!
Today's update:

Ariel's toe is killing her and it's hard to walk. She can't wear a closed toe shoe.

My toe only hurts when I walk and put pressure on it. Can't wear a shoe, either. I'm trying to sit down a lot and read my book but, the phone keeps ringing. Oh well, I'm just glad it's not worse.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oy that is horrible. I guess things come in groups. Lets hope you are over your boo boos and your rules work!

Nedra said...

It's not on the foot you use to the presser foot of your machine is it? That could spell disaster! Just kidding. My condolenses to you and your whole family. I have heard things come in 3's. This must mean you are done for the year!

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhhhh your poor family! Reading that is giving my sympathy pains....I'm going to go bandage up my foot now. Be well! x

bingo~bonnie said...

wow talk about a close famly - you guys do everything together, even get hurt.... that or else you guys are super competitive.. LOL