Thursday, April 10, 2008

I stumbled across this website for those who have a need for lds novelty fabric. The fabric would be fun to use in pillowcases for baptisms or missionaries and I'm sure all of you creative women could come up with some fun projects. Here's just a few ideas: notebook covers, binder covers, headbands, pillowcases, bookmarks, gift bags, and of course quilts. They have a section called "Show and Tell" so if you make any projects with their fabric they'd be interested in your emails with pictures and a description of what you made. Sounds like fun.

I copied the following from their website for your information:

"About Us is a family owned fabric business, owned and operated by Kathleen and Tom Jensen in Vancouver, Washington, USA. No, not Vancouver Canada! Vancouver, Washington USA - located right next to Portland Oregon (3 hours south of Seattle) in the wonderful Pacific Northwest."

"The Owner - Kathleen is a remarkable quilter with a great love for fabric and color. A mother of five, grandmother of two and husband of one (well sometimes Tom thinks she is married to Harry our dog as well!) All of Kathleen’s friends know she always has several projects in motion! Kathleen is eager to share her interest and skill - especially with the young women, whom she loves and serves and works with in the Church. "For quite some time I have looked forward to the time that we could start a business that could promote interest in fabric - especially among our youth and if possible, build faith while having fun! Everyone knows that quilting, sewing and fabric do-it-yourself projects have become so popular… And with the price of gas - more people appreciate the ease of web-searching from home - looking for that unique and special fabric or project. I am pleased to present". kathleen :) "

"Our Products – Many of our products specialize in religious prints for our Christian community. We have tried to offer a blend of product interest which will grow larger and larger with time. I anticipate that with time we will post more and more products that are conducive to our theme. As more designs are generated and more fabrics printed we will see our site grow and grow. Please return often to see what new products we have. We feel that the greatest compliment you could give us is a referral to your friends."

"Quilter’s Marketplace - One of the areas that we are eager to develop on our website is a “Quilter’s Marketplace” where our sisters can post their handmade quilts for sale at no cost and sell a quilt project that they have made. I have known many gifted sisters along the years that have expressed interest in marketing their talents but did not know of a safe and appropriate way to do so. Everyone needs a “safe harbor” and I feel that our "Quilter's Marketplace" will offer that. Any person is invited to post a quilt-project for sale and will be happy help the process absolutely free – no charge. Our hope is that this area will become a winning central market place for everyone interested in quilting."

"Our Blog – I am excited to see this Blog take shape... I have no idea where it is going to go! So many ideas, recipes, projects and Quilts to share... so much to say. May I invite you to jump into our Blog, check it out and feel free to comment."

I went to their website and it looks like all of the prints come in either 100% cotton or flannel. It is $6.60 a yard and the prints are also available in a jelly roll. They also have BYU Fabric in Cotton or Fleece. Check it out.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Well I never knew that was out there. Interesting.

JUST A MOM said...


Bethany said...

That's cute fabric!

Gayle said...

O my heck! That fabric is totally awesome! I have just started making my son a missionary quilt, and their fabric just might work for the backing (wish it wasn't flannel though) Thanks for sharing the website - I'll send it to all my friends too!
Gayle in UT